Candidate sourcing companies are becoming increasingly popular as a way to streamline the recruiting process. 

In a nutshell, a candidate sourcing company helps you get in touch with qualified talent for your open positions, allowing your recruiters to focus on interviewing, building relationships, and candidate selection. 

However, picking the right partner for your team can be a challenge. Here are three keys to look for in a sourcing company. 

Candidate Sourcing Companies: Look for a Track Record of Success 

The #1 thing you should look for in a candidate sourcing company is a track record of success. 

Anyone can tell you they are the best at what they do…but a great partner can tell you about specific examples where they’ve added real value for a client. 

How have they helped other companies lower cost-per-hire, fast-track searches, or boost quality of hire? Can they quantify their success with statistics or data to PROVE they are adding more value? 

If a company has an excellent track record of delivering for other clients, then you can rest assured they’ll do the same for you. 

Candidate Sourcing Companies: Experience in Your Field 

A candidate sourcing company having experience in your field or niche can easily be the difference between success or failure on a search. 

Experience means a sourcing company will better understand your needs, your situation, and the candidate profiles you’re searching for. 

As an example, if you’re sourcing developer candidates, you want to work with sourcing professionals who know that Java and JavaScript are two totally different programming languages. 

Don’t just ask companies if they have experience in your field – ask them which companies they’ve worked with, what projects they’ve worked on, and what roles they’ve sourced. This will help you learn just how much experience they have in your line of work. 

Candidate Sourcing Companies: A Fair Pricing Model 

A candidate sourcing company can offer great services, but if they overcharge or hit you with lots of hidden fees or surcharges, it can be a negative experience. 

Here at Qualigence, we charge a flat hourly rate for all our sourcing projects. You get detailed reports on all the candidates we talk to, and your recruiting team gets valuable support with a list of candidates who are qualified for your roles and interested in having a conversation. 

An added benefit is that there are no start-up fees, and you can start or stop the project at any time. 

Your Recruiters Shouldn’t Waste Their Time Sourcing 

You pay recruiters a competitive salary for one key skill – their ability to build relationships to candidates. If your recruiters are bogged down finding qualified talent, they won’t have the necessary time to nurture and develop relationships with top candidates. 

With sourcing, you can hit the ground running and make better hires faster. 

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