What is OpenBlend?

OpenBlend enables effective, coaching-led, 1:1s but it will do so much more for your business.

It will create a shift in mindset across your workforce by creating a new day-to-day behaviour and a culture of 1:1s. 

We’ll also develop managers to be confident and capable in driving performance and developing their people by embedding coaching frameworks and coaching guides into live 1:1s.

Transform 1:1s to Boost Performance and Develop People

We believe the 1:1 is the most important tool a manager has in their back pocket to drive the performance and growth of their people. These interactions are often underutilized, yet they hold the potential to unlock extraordinary levels of productivity, engagement, and job satisfaction.


Our lives are easier when we are organised. Scheduling our 1:1s is key to ensuring they happen


Preparing for a 1:1 is the difference between average and effective. We make the process simple


Review the purpose of your 1:1 and agenda items to focus on the most impactful topics


All 1:1s end with action: a due date and relevant details required for completion. This action is then nudged and tracked.

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Create a culture of conversations that matter

Personalized Experience

The OpenBlend platform is built around your business’s specific needs. Whether you are just starting out in your performance journey, or have a set-up that isn’t driving the results you need, we can work with you to deliver a personalised experience that allows you to choose what is discussed in your manager-employee 1:1s:

See OpenBlend in Action

Drive Results

Find out how leaders and managers can unlock the transformative power of 1:1 conversations. Because great managers have great conversations – and great conversations unlock great performance.

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