Modernizing performance management by helping leaders hold inclusive & effective 1:1 conversations. 

People-Centric Performance Management Software

Traditional performance management rarely improves performance, yet frustrates leaders and employees alike.  With OpenBlend, team members outline their own goals and motivations – allowing leaders to coach them to greater results.

Are You Leading for the Perks or the Price?

Helping leaders have great conversations – to drive real results in the workplace.

Are You Leading for the Perks or the Price?

Dr. Martens’ Case Study

In 2019, company leaders recognised the need to align operations more closely across different markets – a move intended to support better efficiencies and more consistent people experiences.

Are You Leading for the Perks or the Price?

Unlock Each Team Members’ Full Potential 

Help each team member reach their full potential by coaching them toward their own goals. 

Help team members identify how they want to grow – both personally and professionally

Guide team members toward greater wellbeing so they can thrive in the workplace

Shift from HR-led to team member-led growth

Drive Growth in Every One-on-One

Give your leaders the guidance they need to hold better-than-ever one-on-ones.

Give your leaders customized talking points for every one-on-one 

Tailor the conversation to each team members’ unique needs, motivations and goals 

Empower leaders to effectively coach their teams 

Performance Solutions

Steve is ready to help you solve challenges like turnover, fix ineffective leadership and get the most from your teams.

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