Strategy Sessions That Drive Results 

In today’s fast-paced business world, a clear strategy is the cornerstone of success. However, creating a forward-thinking corporate plan that factors in your talent, your current challenges, and an evolving market is easier said than done. 

Our comprehensive strategy sessions empower senior leaders like you to create effective, cohesive corporate plans aligned to your unique business and situation.  

Best of all, each strategy session is led by Qualigence CEO & founder Steve Lowisz, a six-time successful entrepreneur and business leader with over 20+ years of leadership experience. 

A Sample of Clients

A Sample of Clients

People, Planning, Results:

The Three Keys to Success

Your business success rests on a foundation of people, planning and results. Our strategy sessions weave these three pieces together for a holistic corporate plan tailored to your specific organization for measurable outcomes.

PEOPLE: Your Most Important Investment

Everything starts with your most valuable investment – your people! Our sessions help you clarify the unique strengths and weaknesses of your people – and identify what needs to happen to best position you for success.

Whether it’s recruiting, upskilling, or rethinking team organization, we give you a clear plan of action to unlock the best from your people.

Crafting a PLAN for Success

To create a successful corporate plan, you need to have a crystal-clear understanding of where you are now, where you need to be tomorrow, and what obstacles stand in your way. We ask hard questions to challenge you to see the truth of your business as it stands today – not just what you want to believe!

Then, we work together collaboratively to create comprehensive quarterly and annual strategic plans that align with your specific goals.

A Strategic Plan Focused on RESULTS

A focus on measurable results is a key component of any valuable corporate strategy. At our strategy sessions, you’ll not only create a plan, but identify key performance indicators (KPIs) to track measurable, tangible outcomes of your efforts.  

As a result, you can easily track your progress and ensure your organization is moving closer to your goals.  

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