Convert Candidates to Hire

Streamline Your Recruitment Success

For recruiters aiming to streamline their candidate selection process, the Talent Matrix from Qualigence could serve as an invaluable tool.

The Talent Matrix helps identify high-potential candidates efficiently and effectively, ensuring that recruitment efforts align closely with organizational goals.

Skip Costly Platforms

Tailor Your Recruitment Spending with
On-Demand Credits

Streamline your recruitment budget by purchasing credits as needed, avoiding the constraints of costly subscriptions. The Talent Matrix offers you the flexibility to adapt to your varying recruitment needs without committing to long-term fees.

Credits start at just $1 with just a 10 credit minimum.

Deliver Top Candidates to Your Hiring Managers

Match Personal info to Professional Profiles

Enhance your recruitment strategy by transforming personal emails into comprehensive professional profiles. This approach allows recruiters to identify and advance the most qualified candidates directly to hiring managers, ensuring that only the best prospects move forward in the hiring process.

By enriching candidate data, you optimize the recruitment cycle and improve the quality of your hires.

I love this tool. The speed and accuracy of this tool is revolutionary. I have increased my number of candidates by 70 percent. 

Jim M., VP of Talent Acquisition

Ditch Outdated Lists: Leverage Up-to-Date Recruitment Insights

For Recruiting Teams:

Access Up-to-Date Mobile Phone Numbers

Bypass gatekeepers and outdated office directories. Talent Matrix provides real-time access to current mobile numbers, personal emails, social profiles, and more for key candidates. Credit packages begin at $10 and offer a cost-effective solution, being 75% less per lead than traditional sources like ZoomInfo.

  • Locate Key Candidates’ Mobile Numbers
  • Gather Business and Personal Details
  • Enhance CRM Data Accuracy
  • Enhance Candidate Email Information

For Hiring Managers

Transform Website Visitors Into Viable Candidates

Harness the power of data in your recruitment efforts. Talent Matrix helps you reveal hidden website visitors and enrich generic consumer email addresses (like Gmails and Yahoo), allowing you to identify, assess, and engage potential candidates effectively.

  • Discover Hidden Candidates on Your Website
  • Tailor Your Recruitment Ads
  • Evaluate Candidates with Enriched Data Quickly and Accurately
  • Assess Candidate Potential
  • Expand Your Contact Database

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