rebels with a cause

20 years ago, our CEO Steve Lowisz got sick and tired of paying recruiters a lot of money for bad candidates.

That’s why we started Qualigence – to empower businesses with talent solutions that put the right people in the right roles.

Your Partners for Better Talent

Our mission is to shake up the recruiting industry by delivering innovative talent acquisition and optimization services. What makes us unique is that we go beyond the hire. After a candidate starts a new position, we continue working with the individual to ensure they can deliver the level of performance needed for success. The result is a stronger business with the right people in the right roles delivering the right performance.

OUR Performance Blueprint

A core part of Qualigence’s mission is to change the way people think about talent. Our performance blueprint is an overview of how we hire the right people and drive the right performance to maximize your profits. We combine our unique outlook and expertise in talent acquisition with the science, technology, and strategy of talent optimization.


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