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20 years ago, our CEO Steve Lowisz got sick and tired of paying recruiters a lot of money for bad candidates.

That’s why we started Qualigence – to empower businesses with talent solutions that put the right people in the right roles.

Your Partners for Better Talent

Our mission is to shake up the recruiting industry by delivering innovative talent acquisition and optimization services. What makes us unique is that we go beyond the hire. After a candidate starts a new position, we continue working with the individual to ensure they can deliver the level of performance needed for success. The result is a stronger business with the right people in the right roles delivering the right performance.

OUR Performance Blueprint

A core part of Qualigence’s mission is to change the way people think about talent. Our performance blueprint is an overview of how we hire the right people and drive the right performance to maximize your profits. We combine our unique outlook and expertise in talent acquisition with the science, technology, and strategy of talent optimization.

Building a people strategy is only effective if it clearly supports the business strategy. Our process starts with understanding where the company, division or business unit is today, where you want to take it, and what obstacles are in the way of achieving your goals. Whether you are a startup, are in the process of scaling up, or are considered grown up, this impacts how you define the people strategy required to serve as the bridge between business processes and defined business outcomes.

Determining who you need goes deeper than a job description. While job descriptions begin with assumptions about required skills, we start with the end in mind. By defining the three primary SMART goals of each role we focus first on results. Once we help you define the “what”, we leverage the power of behavioral analytics to validate and map the “how”. How you expect the work to be completed and what is the behavioral makeup of the team that the new candidate has to work within. Clear results combined with scientifically validated data increases you successful of defining real success!

Identifying who you are looking for requires an iterative process. It's more than posting a job description. It's more than searching Linkedin. It's about knowing what tools and sources to use for what positions. Our two decades of experience in primary research and competitive intelligence coupled with advanced technologies including artificial intelligence give us access to the entire population of talent – not just those deemed “available”.

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Turning a name into a qualified, interested candidate isn’t magic, but requires a process that cuts through the noise to engage candidates being bombarded by recruiters. Our team of Certified Recruiting Professionals approaches each candidate through a systematic and defined process that increased engagement rates by more than 70%. In addition, our proprietary Results Based Interviewing Process™ and Core 4 Candidate Assessment™ approach ensures that candidates are interested, qualified, and capable of achieving the level of results in your specific organization.

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Truly aligning candidates within your specific organization requires understanding the entire person. Combining a structured interview process with behavioral and cognitive assessments can double or triple the predictability of on the job performance of your target candidate. We add the power of predictive analytics, cognitive assessments, and group analytics to align candidates with your open position, existing team, and specific company objectives.

The talent process doesn’t stop with the hire. Talent optimization is a four part discipline to align your people strategy and your business strategy to drive real business results:

  • Diagnose: Measure critical people data, analyze that data in the context of your business, and prescribe remedies as needed.

  • Design: Create and continuously evolve your people strategy.

  • Hire: Leverage talent optimization insights based on people data to hire top talent and build cohesive teams.

  • Inspire: Use data to drive important employee-oriented activities such as career pathing, maintaining organizational culture, and managing people and teams.

Our philosophy is based on the transfer of knowledge to YOU! Through various training and educational programs, we teach you and your team to leverage, implement and refine each of the steps defined above. Whether its improving the results of your recruiting team, arming your leaders with the ability to leverage the power of predicative analytics, or increasing the performance of your sales team, our partnerships with the Recruiting Education Institute and the Predictive Index give you the tools to drive your business results.

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