Recruitment Solutions for Hires That Excel Long-Term

Recruitment solutions are about more than just filling a role. Your organization needs to recruit people who are the right fit for your unique role, goals, and team.

We use proprietary recruiting techniques and validated analytics to submit candidates that will excel over the long-term on your team…all at a competitive cost-per-hire.

Recruitment Solutions for Quality Over Quantity

Unlike those at an agency, our recruiters are never motivated by a commission or rushing to fill a seat. We take the time to understand your unique needs for a position, goals and team dynamics. Our recruitment services are designed to give you hires that thrive long-term.


Get a dedicated team that knows your industry

Data-Driven Recruitment Solutions

Traditional interviewing and candidate selection tools only work about 50% of the time. Our recruiting services include selection tools to ensure you’re hiring the right person for the role.

Behavioral Assessments

Understand what drives a candidate and predict their behavior on the job

Results-Based Interviewing™

Zero in on a candidate’s ability to deliver results in a given role

Core 4 Candidate™ Evaluation

Select candidates based on their head, heart, and briefcase

Recruitment Solutions

You Need More Than Great Hires

You need high-performing teams that deliver results, profits, and stick around for the long-haul!

Recruitment Solutions

High-Volume Recruitment Solutions

Meet record hiring demands efficiently and quickly with Qualigence’s high-volume recruitment solutions.

Whether you need help with resume screening, pulling viable candidates from your ATS system, or full recruiting support, we make it easy to hire at scale.

Our high-volume recruiting services are only $40/hr and are perfect for non-exempt positions.

Recruitment Solutions Guarantee

With our recruitment solutions, we guarantee quality hires that excel long-term and you pay 19% CPH or less!

Recruitment Solutions

Recruitment Solutions Case Study

Avon, one of the largest international manufacturer and distributors of beauty and personal care products, was looking to fill several open positions immediately and pipeline several difficult roles. Learn how our recruitment solutions helped them efficiently achieve their goals.

Recruitment Solutions Case Study

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