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Join us for our summer edition of LEADERSHIP LIVE hosted by Steve Lowisz, CEO & founder of Qualigence International.

A virtual live event specifically for CHROs to talk about their biggest leadership and HR challenges. This is an open conversation to connect with other HR leaders, share expertise, and talk about the issues that others are too afraid to touch!  

Don’t miss another Leadership Live – Next Episode August 16th

Ohio Bankers League:  NEXT GEN CONFERENCE

If you find yourself on this leadership journey, this session will challenge you, encourage you, make you laugh, and maybe even make you cry! But in the end, you will walk away with the tools and practical approaches to leading above the noise!  

Greater Columbus, OH | June 8-9, 2023

2023 HR Indiana SHRM

Breakout Topic: Teamwork is an Individual Sport First

Leadership isn’t a team sport – it’s a one-on-one sport! Think about it. What is it that makes a great team? It’s the relationships that we have to one another…and the best way to build relationships is one-on-one. Teamwork starts by really getting to know each other – and showing each other we care – through one-on-one conversations. In this electrifying session, I’ll cover how leaders and HR professionals can inspire teams to be greater than the sum of their parts through building individual relationships.

Indianapolis, IN | August 8-10th , 2023

2023 HRFL Conference & Expo

Breakout Topic: Moneyball – The Secret to Picking Winning Candidates

With today’s talent shortage, recruiting is now more expensive than ever. Adding insult to injury is the fact that retention and engagement are at all time lows…meaning most companies are getting even LESS value from new hires! The 2011 movie Moneyball covered how the Oakland A’s picked undervalued players to defy the odds and build a successful team with very limited resources.How did they do it?

By making recruiting decisions based on the REAL indicators of a player’s ability to deliver results above all else. More and more companies today are applying the same thought process to make better hires. In this high-impact session, I’ll break down how recruiters can supercharge quality of hire by picking not just qualified candidates, but candidates with the RIGHT qualifications.

Steve Speaks: August 29, 2023 (2:45 PM –  3:45 PM)
Orlando Florida: August 27 – 30, 2023

Detroit Economic Club – Young Leaders Conference

Organizations need effective leaders. But learning how to lead others is anything but easy. This session covers the fundamentals every new leader needs to know to build relationships with their teams, earn their team’s trust and confidence, and lead the team to success.   

Detroit, MI | October 5, 2023

2023 MISHRM Conference

KEYNOTE SPEAKER – Topic of session coming soon

Grand Rapids, MI | October 18-20, 2023


Leadership Experience

The Leadership Experience is a reality focused, action-oriented program developed for leaders seeking to increase their leadership influence and results. 

Live Leadership Training:

(90 Minutes Virtual Sessions)
For more information on topics, dates and times, please contact Leah Nauseda or visit Qualigence Leadership Institute. 

Behavioral Analytics Webinar 

Building Your Dream Team Through Science 

Whether you’re a business leader, CHRO, or TA leader, your success hinges on your ability to build strong teams. 

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Predictive Index Workshops: Continuing Education

This workshop teaches people, managers and business leaders to understand how they best work and communicate, and how to understand those around you — instantly improving team collaboration and engagement. What gives productive, high achieving teams a competitive edge? Collaboration. 

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