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Finding the right executive team is crucial for your company’s success and growth. With over 25 years of experience, our executive search recruiters are the trusted choice for companies seeking C-level executives who are a perfect fit.

Our market-leading assessment solutions help you identify candidates with the ideal skills and mindset for your company’s culture. We also assist in building a compensation and retention framework that attracts top leaders. Executives hired through our assessments are eight times more likely to be promoted within three years, ensuring you get the leadership your organization needs to thrive.

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Internally and Externally

Other search firms rely on our research team for their executive searches—why not go straight to the source? Utilize the largest research team in the U.S. to find top talent that perfectly aligns with your organization’s goals. Skip the middleman and get the best candidates tailored to your needs, with no recycled options.

Qualigence & Predictive Index

Select the Right Leader with Data

Choosing the right leader is critical, and predicting job performance can be challenging. That’s why we use validated analytics from the Predictive Index to gain insights into how a new leader will fit with your team.

The Predictive Index platform helps us understand your unique team dynamics and predict each candidate’s strengths and weaknesses. Discover how our data-driven executive search solutions can ensure you select the best leader for your organization.

3 Reasons Why Businesses Need People Analytics for 2020

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We prioritize building strong relationships with you and the candidates by providing dependable advice and support. We develop a customized strategy based on your specific needs, provide frequent updates, and maintain open communication throughout the process.

Direct Access & Flexible Models

Gain direct access to the same research team that major search firms use for their executive searches. Choose from our hourly, and retainer pricing models to suit your needs.

Transparency & Finding the Right Fit

We offer unmatched transparency, ensuring you hear both the strengths and concerns for each candidate. We help you find leaders who fit your culture and advise you on the rewards that will encourage them to stay with your organization.

Comprehensive Search & Global Reach

If the right leaders aren’t within your business, we use our extensive executive research and network to find top candidates. With recruitment experience internationally, we support your expansion into new markets with the ideal leadership team.

Your Path to Recruitment Success

The Performance Blueprint: The Qualigence Process

Experience a seamless recruitment journey tailored to your needs. Our structured roadmap is designed to help you overcome recruitment challenges and achieve success by selecting the right candidates who enhance performance and retention.

  • Where is your business today?
  • Where is your business going?
  • What challenges are you facing?
  • Define who you have on your team
  • Define what they need to accomplish
  • Define who you need to add
  • Identify the entire talent pool
  • Access talent before your
  • Find the right talent, not just
    the readily available talent
  • Recruit the right people for the right roles for the right reasons
  • Use proven, proprietary methods to select the right candidates
  • Get the talent you need to execute your strategy


  • Use people analytics and world-class
    consulting to understand your team
  • Leverage that understanding to optimize
    your talent, leadership, and sales
  • Unlock your team’s full potential
  • Train your recruiting team to land top talent
  • Train your sales team to drive greater revenue
  • Train your leadership to unlock your team’s best performance and drive greater profits

Your Path to Recruitment Success

Experience a seamless recruitment journey tailored to your needs. Our structured roadmap is designed to help you overcome recruitment challenges and achieve success by selecting the right candidates who enhance performance and retention.

The Performance Blueprint: The Qualigence Process

Overcome your recruitment challenges with our distinctive process—a structured roadmap designed to drive your hiring success.

Recruitment Process

Executive Search – VP, Product Development

Our client, a global leader in the delivery of content and technology solutions, was seeking a VP of Product Development to rebuild and lead a team of more than 100 technologists located in the United States and abroad.


Case Study - Product Development VP
Steve Lowisz CEO

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Steve Lowisz
CEO, Qualigence Brand of Companies

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