Why Use Our Executive Search Solutions?

Our executive search solutions focus on long term performance of the candidate AND the company. It’s never a one time fill for us. We stay engaged after the completion of the search to help the continued growth of your new employee, their team and your company.


  • Methodology – We use our proven research methodology to find the right candidate for the need. There’s a reason why other retained search firms use our executive search research.
  • Model – As a professional services firm, we bill our clients on an hourly basis for the time we invest in our executive search solutions process. Thus offering greater flexibility, cost control and value.
  • Motivation – We aren’t motivated by commission. Therefore, our candidate evaluation and offer negotiation on our client’s behalf is never motivated by a fee at the end of the search.
  • Mindset – Quality. It’s our number one driver. We use results-based interviewing and data driven assessments to recommend the right candidate for the right reasons with every executive search solution.


Discover – Learning the need of the client and how we can support them with executive search solutions
Decode – Utilizing P.I. to Assess and Analyze the role, the team, the leader, the candidate
Decipher – Leveraging industry knowledge and expertise for executive search research
Develop – Identify, contact and select the best aligned individuals for the role
Deliver – Presentation of candidate including executive summary and read-back data
Decide – Assist the client in reaching their final decision and manage the offer process

Why Use Us

Expertise – Why pay full price for a junior resource? At Qualigence, you will be working with the Managing Director and only the Managing Director of our practice.
Transparency – We share everything with our clients, not just the short list of candidates we have selected for you. We keep you up to date through the entire executive search solutions process. We will never oversell a candidate and will present all aspects of an individual, including areas for development.
Security – You are paying for our time and don’t have to commit to a larger up-front fee with zero assurance of getting even one qualified candidate.
Unbiased – We act as your trusted consultant with executive search solutions; based on our thorough intake and assessment process. We don’t tell you what to do, we advise you, answer your questions and share our input.
Efficiency – We have everything we need in-house to complete each aspect of your search (executive search research, assessments, development, marketing). Nothing is sent out for another firm to complete.

Executive Search Solutions Cost Per Hire

We’ve been helping businesses with executive search solutions for two decades. Our hourly method eliminates unnecessary fees and allows us to focus on making the best hire. Here are some examples of cost per hire, based on the compensation package.


CPH of base – Chief Marketing Officer of Fortune 500 Information Service Company


CPH of base – President for Non-Profit Education Institution


CPH of base – Chief Information Officer of Major Advertising Agency


CPH of base – VP of Digital Marketing Fortune 500 Medical Device Company

Confidential Executive Search Solutions

Your Partner for Confidential Executive Search Solutions

If you’re looking to conduct a confidential search, you need a consultant you can trust to be truly discreet. With a single point of contact for your search and a dedication to protecting your privacy, you can rest assured that you will find the best candidates available while maintaining confidentiality.

You Can't Afford to Settle for So-So Leadership.

We specialize in making placements for executive and senior level roles. Our hourly model removes fees and commissions from executive search solutions – ensuring you get the right leadership for the right role for the right reasons.

Use Data to Select the Right Leader

It’s hard to predict how well someone will perform on the job. That’s why we use validated analytics from the Predictive Index to gain insights on how your team will mesh with a new leader.

PI’s platform allows us to understand your unique team dynamics and predict the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate. Learn more about how we use data in our executive search solutions.

Client Testimonials

As a testament to the quality of our services, most of our clients have worked with us for years…if not over a decade. We’ve consistently served small, mid-size, and Fortune 500 companies alike with top-tier recruiting services.

Clients Who Benefited From Our Services

Executive Search Solutions Team

Our Executive Search Solutions Team has a wide range of expertise and will ensure you get the leadership or senior talent you need. Our specialties include human resources, marketing, legal, finance, analytics, technology, sales and business.

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