ATS Management, Full Cycle Recruiting Fills over 30 Unique Roles for Avon

Avon, one of the largest international manufacturer and distributors of beauty and personal care products, was looking to all several open positions quickly as well as pipeline diffcult to all positions. Among the open positions, District Sales Managers roles were in need of being filled in remote areas and required special skills such as bilingual capabilities.

Qualigence was tasked to take on the entire Midwest region of the Avon sales district to all open District Sales Manager positions. As the project continued to be a success, Qualigence was then tasked to take on corporate and supply chain positions and all these roles in addition to the sales positions nationally.

Open roles that were to be filled by Qualigence within the project included:

  • District Sales Managers Development/Logistics Analyst Project Engineer
  • Global Sourcing Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Logistics Global Sourcing Manager

The Research, Account Management, and Recruiting teams at Qualigence worked vigorously to gain a comprehensive understanding of the unique roles needing to be filled at Avon. Qualigence then began aggressively sourcing the designated areas to locate and all the roles.

The Full Cycle Recruiting project for Avon consisted of a series of steps managed by Qualigence, including: Sourcing and locating candidates, sending candidates to the ATS portal, managing candidate applications, sending qualied candidates to the Hiring Manager and HR, all steps of the interview process, integrating candidates into the background check system, writing and sending the over letter, working through legal proceedings, the approval process, and the on-boarding process.


As a longstanding and ongoing relationship, Qualigence continues to identify, develop and place top talent for several roles at Avon.

Consistent feedback and updates with recruiters, divisional managers, and hiring managers allows both organizations to successfully work in partnership to attract the right talent for the right reasons.


Distinct challenges within the Avon project included the large volume of roles, of which the types of roles and number of open positions uctuated daily. New markets were continually identied for District Sales Manager positions to be filled. Additionally, each open position had a unique set of HR professionals and Hiring Managers for each market. To successfully manage this, the Qualigence team ensured they eciently prioritized projects to handle the large volume and speed of the assignment.

The ATS management for Avon required Qualigence Recruiters and Account Managers to fully adapt to, oversee, clean up and manage the system by devoting time to learning and training on the system daily. The portal also called for assessment and cleanup of the entire system, including streamlining the candidate filtering processes.

An additional challenge was the departmental budget parameters. These were distinctive per role; Qualigence worked to ensure the total dollars were in accordance with the proper budget per role. To guarantee this, Qualigence provided a comprehensive breakdown of the total spend throughout the project with each role mapped individually.


Throughout the duration of the project, Qualigence successfully placed or had in the final offer stages 33 candidates within 4 months at an average 6.6% cost per hire. The Supply Chain roles saw a particularly low cost per hire at 3%.