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Ready to drive long-term engagement and retention?

Leverage data to build teams that thrive at your company for the long-haul

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Feeling the pain of missing key business goals? 

Boost your odds of success by using data to hire the right people from the get-go 

Why Qualigence?

Because You Need Quality Hires That Deliver Results

Skip the Bogus Recruiting Fees

Our hourly, no-commission model means you pay less for better hires. You never have to pay a fee, retainer, or upfront cost ever again.

Recruit the Right People

You need more than great hires. You need great hires that thrive on your team for the long-term. You can slash turnover and unlock performance with talent optimization.

Your Partners Beyond a Placement

Your talent strategy shouldn’t end with a hire, and neither do we. You can drive profits and crush your business goals with our comprehensive talent solutions.

You Can Make Better Hires for Less

Why should you pay outrageous fees for candidates that don’t meet your needs?

You can zero in on exceptional talent and save on costs with our hourly model.

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Your success is our success…but don’t take it from us, see what our clients have to say!

We work with start-ups, equity-backed, and Fortune 500 companies around the world to recruit top talent and drive their performance.


Use Research to Identify a Larger Candidate Pool
  • Name generation, contact information, reporting structures, and competitive intel
  • All information is verified to be same-day accurate
  • Access a broader talent pool and gain an edge on competition


Hire Effectively with Innovative Sourcing and Recruiting
  • No commissions allows us to focus on quality over quantity
  • Creative outreach leads to over 70% higher response rates
  • Proprietary interviewing and evaluating techniques help you select and secure better candidates


Leverage Validated Analytics to Drive Performance
  • Use science-based analytics to gain accurate insights on each employee’s behaviors, needs, and motivators
  • Apply that data to make better hiring and talent decisions
  • Inspire employees to deliver top performance with actionable information

Use Data to Build a Better Business

Use science and data to build teams that can deliver on your business goals. Understand what drives your people and unlock their best performance – all powered by talent optimization from the Predictive Index.

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