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Facing talent shortages? Qualigence has the solution for you. Our advanced candidate sourcing strategies ensure a continuous flow of top talent, tailored to your needs. We combine in-depth research with diverse sourcing techniques, enabling you to quickly identify and engage with the best candidates from the entire talent pool, not just those found online.

Unlike competitors who focus on quantity, we prioritize quality and personalization. Our approach guarantees efficient, effective hiring tailored to your specific needs, setting a new standard in recruitment services.

What You Can Expect from Qualigence Sourcing

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We identify and review a tailored list of candidates for your needs.


We qualify candidates’ skills based on your job description.


We make human contact to confirm candidates’ skills and interest, ensuring the best fit for your team.

The Benefits of Qualigence Sourcing for You:

Comprehensive Sourcing
We don’t just provide a list of candidates. At Qualigence, we ensure that every candidate is identified and contacted to gauge their interest and qualifications for your specific position.

Our service is fully adaptable to your needs, considering the specific requirements of the position, location, and any additional screening processes you may need, including targeted questioning.

Creative Sourcing
To help you stay ahead in competitive markets, we employ innovative sourcing strategies. We go beyond LinkedIn, tapping into various social media platforms to access a diverse candidate pool, including entry-level prospects who might not have a strong online professional presence.

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