What if You Could Predict How Much Revenue Someone Would Deliver for Your Team?

What if You Knew For a Fact Which Sales Rep Had the Highest Earning Potential? 

With sales arbitrage, you can maximize revenue from fixed sales costs.  

Get a performance fingerprint unique to your organization so you know each rep’s earning potential at your organization with your culture and your leaders. 

This unique new technology from Perception Predict is proven to: 

  • Help you identify the sales professionals who will excel on your specific team 
  • Identify which reps will benefit the most from training and development 
  • Give you the tools to crush your sales goals like never before 

Leading organizations are using our sales arbitrage platform to drive MILLIONS of dollars in additional revenue. 

“Perception Predict accurately predicts sales performance before we hire...pure gold!”

– Dominic Ford, General Manager at Mercedes-Benz of South Orlando 

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