What if you could clone your best salesperson?

Or imagine if you could predict how well a customer service rep would perform on your team! 

3 Keys to Building a Strong Sales Team

With Perception Predict, you can make that happen! 

Perception Predict analyzes data on your team to create a crystal-clear picture of what to look for in high-performing candidates. It shows you which people will excel…with your unique culture and leaders! 

Consistently Hire Amazing Sales Reps 

With Perception Predict, you can predict each sales candidate’s earning potential with over 80% accuracy. Build your strongest sales team ever! 

  • Supercharge quality of hire with sales hires that DELIVER 
  • Maximize your recruiting budget by avoiding costly hires that don’t work out 
  • Hire candidates straight out of high school or college that will crush it with skills training 

Identify What to Look for – AND Avoid in a Candidate 

Other selection tools may tell you what to look for in a candidate. Perception Predict tells you what traits correlate with success on your team – as well as what baggage may drag someone down. 

  • Learn when traits like attention to detail correlate with success – or hinder someone’s performance 
  • Understand the difference between a high-performer on another team, and a high-performer in your environment 
  • Select candidates that will thrive on your team, for your leaders

Drive Results With a Highly-Effective Training Program 

You have limited resources to train and coach team members. Accurately identify the team members that will benefit from training – as well as those who won’t. 

  • Identify the employees with the most potential to perform on YOUR team 
  • Understand which team members are most likely to drive greater results with more skills training 
  • Maximize the ROI of your training and make every dollar count 

Leading organizations are using Perception Predict to drive MILLIONS of dollars in additional revenue. 

“Perception Predict accurately predicts sales performance before we hire...pure gold!”

– Dominic Ford, General Manager at Mercedes-Benz of South Orlando 

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