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We offer all-inclusive talent solutions to drive performance at your company, from research to recruiting to talent optimization.

What if you could predict success?

Qualigence Performance Solutions is an objective, repeatable, and scientifically-validated framework for optimizing your talent. It’s a proven tool for facilitating better hires, stronger employee retention, and higher employee engagement.

Learn how to achieve long-term, meaningful success with your hires and existing workforce. 

The Qualigence Advantage

20 years ago, we started this business to offer a superior alternative to outdated recruiting practices. We’ve been pioneering bold new talent solutions ever since.

Take our pricing – we don’t charge commissions, because recruiting shouldn’t be about rushing to fill seats. Furthermore, our performance solutions are dedicated toward achieving long-term success with every hire.

We’re more than recruiters – we’re your partners for better talent.

Recruitment Research

Our research delivers accurate, functional data for name generation, structured org charts, talent profiles, competitive intelligence and more. Anyone can find information online, but we go the extra mile to verify that it is 100% same-day accurate.

Qualigence recruitment research allows you to build stronger candidate pipelines and beat the competition to the best talent available. Our research is also valuable for gaining deep insights into competitors on a variety of topics.


Our sourcing services are designed to let your recruiters focus on what they do best – recruit! Save time and money by using our sourcing services to generate a list of quality candidates or pre-screen your existing list.

We call to confirm credentials and interest with every candidate to ensure your recruiters can hit the ground running with a great short list. 


Our recruiting services are one-of-a-kind in that we are totally focused on quality of hire and long-term success. By operating without commissions, we put a greater emphasis on quality hires than any other recruiting company.

With our proprietary Core 4 Candidate Evaluation and Results-Based Interviewing techniques, we submit candidates of a much higher caliber. Furthermore, our performance solutions mean we continue working with you and new hires after their start date to ensure they’re delivering the right performance.

Training for Recruiters and Hiring Leaders

Learn how to recruit for quality and find the right candidates with the Recruitment Education Institute.

Join the thousands of recruiters and hiring leaders that we have trained!

Executive Search

Project Outsourcing

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