IT and engineering can be some of the hardest positions to fill. But they’re also crucial to your success. 

You need an efficient solution for identifying skilled professionalsAnd you need a partner that understands the unique nuances of these specialized roles. 

Skip the B.S. Fees

You shouldn’t have to break the bank to make hires in IT and engineering. Our hourly, non-commission model means you don’t have to pay any more than necessary for quality hires.

Hire Top Engineering Talent

Hire the best and brightest engineers for your open positions. You can drive innovation with qualified professionals that fit your culture, team and needs. 

Build Better IT Teams

Information technology is now the backbone of any modern business. You can hire highly-qualified IT professionals who thrive on your team long-term. Get hires relevant to your needs without breaking the bank. 

A Few of Our IT & Engineering Clients 

Recent IT and Engineering Placements We’ve Made for Our Clients and Cost-per-Hire


Chief Digital Officer


IT Manager


Audio FPGA-Embedded Firmware Engineer

Case Study

Our client, a global leader in the delivery of content and technology solutions, was seeking a VP of Product Development to rebuild and lead a team of more than 100 technologists located in the United States and abroad.

IT Solutions Team

Philip brings extensive experience in IT and Engineering recruiting. They have worked with a number of Fortune 500 companies to recruit for a variety of roles

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