Product Developement VP for Leading Tech Company

The final candidate was presented within three weeks of project initiation. Three additional candidates were also presented as points of comparison from both the local and other markets.

Our client, a global leader in the delivery of content and technology solutions, was seeking a VP of Product Development to rebuild and lead a team of more than 100 technologists located in the United States and abroad.

The goal of the position was to instill the creativity and effectiveness of a world-class product development organization into an organization not known for cutting edge technology or solution development. From the Chief Technology Officer down to the senior engineers, the company was in the midst of a global transformation. Aside from exceptional leadership skills and a strong executive presence, this organization was seeking someone with the proven expertise to drive the complete reengineering of desktop products to Software as a Service offerings.


The client has a relatively decentralized recruitment organization based out of New York, while the position was to be located in North Carolina. Having moved to the NC market in the recent past, the organization was not yet familiar with the talent available in the market. In addition, due to future growth plans, the organization did not wish to approach the role with the traditional search firm and limit themselves to candidates that could potentially come from a single resource or database. The client sought a solution that could address a number of key issues: ·Map the local NC marketplace for organizations that have recently undergone a similar transformation in their product development organization ·Map the leadership teams of the identified organizations for both current and future technology leadership needs ·Identify potential candidates that have experience managing on and offshore development teams, experience leading the transformation of on-premise to Saas offerings, and experience building products for the SMB or Small Business Market


Qualigence begin the project by identifying organizations with product development teams in the NC Market that had true “cradle to grave” development experience. Second, we began with those organizations that catered to the small business marketplace. Unfortunately, our research identified few development teams that were large enough in size and dedicated to the traditional SMB space. Thinking outside of the box, Qualigence expanded to organizations that developed products for the professional market including doctors, accountants, lawyers, etc. Although not often considered part of the SMB market, this target audience had many parallels to the client’s business. During the initial stages of research, Qualigence identified that a technology organization provides solutions to the medical space had recently been acquired by a much larger organization with little overall presence in the space and whose headquarters was far from North Carolina and on the West Coast. Seeing this as potentially limiting to the careers of those remaining in North Carolina for this target organization, Qualigence immediately developed the organizational chart of the development team located in North Carolina. In fewer than seven days, Qualigence identified the team, contacted the head of development, and began the interview process with the candidate – uncovering that career advancement was at the top of mind for the candidate. Within three weeks, the candidate had accepted the offer to join the client organization.


Qualigence presented the final candidate within three weeks of project initiation. Three additional candidates were also presented as points of comparison from both the local and other markets. In addition, Qualigence provided the client with additional data, including:

·Local compensation intelligence ·Organization structure information of more than 35 local organizations encompassing more than 245 technology managers and executives ·Market survey data of the client organization brand and positioning ·In the end, the client received the research, the additional data, potential future candidates, and filled the position at a cost of 13.5% of the final candidate’s base salary, not first year total comp.