It’s one of the biggest problems in recruiting…

Everywhere you look, there are job descriptions that will bore you to tears.

It may not seem like a problem – but it plays a HUGE role in your ability to efficiently make quality hires.

If your job descriptions are dull and uninspired, they’re putting you at a disadvantage before you even talk to candidates.

Here are a few simple, high-impact ways to make your job descriptions much more appealing – so you can make better hires faster.

How Does the Job Impact the Organization, Community or World?

One of the best ways to make your job description stand out is to highlight the impact and purpose of your role.

It’s easy to get lost in the day-to-day mundane tasks of a job – but your job description is the perfect opportunity to highlight the bigger picture. Showcase how the job affects the organization, community, and possibly even the world.

Say you’re hiring an engineer to work for a packaging manufacturer.

Instead of just saying that the engineer designs boxes, you can elaborate that the engineer’s work is vital for ensuring the company’s clients are able to safely ship valuable products to every corner of the world and keep crucial supply chains running smoothly.

Cut the Laundry List of Job Requirements

Nobody likes to read a list of requirements that goes on and on.

Plus, people start to wonder which are really “requirements” and which are wish list items.

Focus on what really matters. What requirements does someone REALLY need to drive the right results in a role?

In general, a good guideline is to aim for 5 concrete requirements (degrees, years of experience, etc.) and no more than 5 behavioral competencies (loves talking to people, can work independently, and so forth).

Write Like You Talk

Many job descriptions read very dry and formal. It comes across reading like “corporatespeak,” and can alienate candidates.

Instead, try writing like you talk. It makes the job description more personable, relatable, and allows candidates to feel more of a connection.

Be careful with jargon as well. The less jargon and acronyms you can use, the better!

Write Irresistible Job Descriptions

Job descriptions are often seen as a necessary evil, but with the right approach they can be turned into an asset. A great job description catches candidates’ attention and gets them excited about applying for your job – even while you’re busy with other tasks!

If you’re looking for more ways to make better hires faster, schedule a no-obligation call with our team today to learn how we can help!