Drive Business Results and Unlock Greater Profits With Fully Optimized Leadership, Teams and Sales

Put a Stop to Poor Management

Leadership is everything. Empower your leaders with programs on inspiring teams and boosting your bottom line.

Reduce Churn & Disengagement

Turnover and disengagement can sink a company. Use analytics to better retain and engage high-performing teams.

Pull Your Sales Out of a Slump

Your sales challenges are people problems. Get a better understanding of your team with data and drive more revenue.

Leading Organizations Have Used Our Solutions to Drive Business Results

Solutions for Business Leaders

Unlock the full potential of your organization and drive profits

Solutions for HR Leaders

Earn your spot at the table as trusted business adviser on talent strategy

Solutions for TA Leaders & Recruiters

Leverage analytics to boost quality of hire and slash turnover

Solutions for Sales Leaders

Use a data-driven approach to hire the right salespeople and drive greater revenue

It’s not enough to hire the right people. You need to ensure talent stays with the company and delivers real results.

Performance solutions covers the entire 6-step process – Click on the icons to learn more about each step in the process







Better Performance Guaranteed

Building or leading a sales team?

Drive more revenue than ever with sales arbitrage 

Unlocking Your Team's True Potential

On average, 55% of companies’ total costs are employee costs. But while people may be your biggest cost, they’re also your biggest asset—if you know how to optimize your talent.

One key element of talent optimization is the application of people data, and that’s where QPS comes in.

When business decisions are driven by data, you can diagnose the root cause of business challenges, design a competition-crushing organization, hire top talent, assemble high-performing teams, develop leaders, and boost employee engagement and performance.

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