Our performance solutions platform focuses on the three keys to a strong business: knowing your people, growing your people, and developing your leaders.

Designing Stronger Teams

With our performance solutions, you can ensure you’re hiring the right people – and unlocking their best performance.

Predictive Index

Use science to understand what drives your people and candidates – and build teams that are designed to crush your goals.

WHO It’s For: Executives and HR leaders

WHAT It Solves: Challenges like involuntary turnover, team conflict, and poor team performance

HOW It Works: Uses science to help you understand why these challenges occur – and how you can fix them

Perception Predict

Smash revenue goals by using data to build your strongest sales team ever.

WHO It’s For: SVPs of sales and senior sales leaders

WHAT It Solves: Challenges like inconsistent sales hires or poor sales performance

HOW It Works: Uses data to help you predict which sales candidates will drive revenue – and which won’t


Empower leaders to drive performance while putting your people first!

WHO It’s For: CHROs, senior HR leaders, and executives

WHAT It Solves: Performance challenges and employee wellbeing

HOW It Works: Helps team members outline their goals and gives leaders guides for coaching each team member