When it comes to hiring, many companies are hesitant to engage a third-party recruiting firm, often overlooking the benefits this external recruitment partner can offer. After all, why bring in external help when you already have an internal team dedicated to talent acquisition?  

However, it’s important to consider the often-overlooked benefits of partnering with a third-party firm. In this article, we took the most common objections and challenged them to shed light on how a third-party recruiting firm can enhance your internal team’s success, rather than overshadow or replace them. 

Objection #1 – “We Don’t Have the Budget” 

We understand that budget constraints can be a real concern. However, have you considered how a third-party recruiting firm can mitigate costs associated with unfilled positions? Unfilled seats can lead to reduced productivity, increased workload on existing employees, and missed opportunities. Moreover, depriving your recruiting team of the resources they need hampers their ability to succeed. 

In addition to traditional contingent and retained search models, we also offer an hourly model for research, sourcing, and recruiting services. This flexibility allows you to pay for the time spent on searches and start or stop the engagement as needed.  

By initiating a low-cost trial, you can evaluate the benefit of the services without a substantial financial commitment. Ultimately, investing in a third-party firm can save you money by filling tough roles and empowering your internal team to focus on their core responsibilities. 

Objection #2 – “We’re Not in a Position to Outsource” 

It’s understandable to be cautious about outsourcing recruitment functions. However, what if you could work with a partner that acts as an extension, rather than a replacement, of your existing team? This approach ensures that your team remains the driving force behind talent acquisition while benefiting from external support where it’s really needed. 

Consider the value of having access to a specialized research and sourcing team that can provide your recruiters with direct contact information for relevant candidates. Sometimes, your usual sourcing tools may fall short, and that’s where a third-party firm can step in.  

Additionally, you can leverage sourcing services that verify candidate qualifications and interest in your open roles to jumpstart your recruiters’ efforts. This provides you with a list of pre-screened candidates ready for interviews. By augmenting your internal team’s capabilities in this manner, you enhance their effectiveness and productivity.  

Objection #3 – “We Don’t Have Any Open Roles” 

Your first thought may be that there’s no need for additional support if you don’t have any open roles. But if you’ve been in recruiting long enough, you know that hiring needs can change on a dime.  

What’s your recruiting forecast for next quarter? Where is the company heading, and what tough roles will need to be filled in the near future? In the words of legendary hockey player Wayne Gretsky, are you skating where the puck is, or where the puck is going?  

Some outside support can go a long way toward building a robust talent pipeline so you can crush tomorrow’s hiring goals. We’re here to make you look like rockstars and position you for future success by arming your team with a bench of awesome talent.  

With the Right Partner, a Third Party is a Strategic Asset – Not a Threat 

While it’s common for companies and recruiters to hesitate when it comes to partnering with a third-party recruiting firm, challenging these objections can yield substantial benefits. By recognizing that a third-party firm is not a threat but a strategic asset, you can elevate your internal team’s success and reinforce their capabilities. 

Whether it’s overcoming budget constraints, flexibly supporting your existing team, or preparing for future talent demands, a third-party recruiting firm can help your organization achieve recruitment excellence. Embrace the opportunity to work together and make your internal team shine like the all-stars they are. 

If you’re looking for more help solving your talent challenges, schedule a consultation with our team today to learn how we can assist.