Let’s face it.

The challenge of ‘Time-to-Hire’ is becoming increasingly out of control in 2023, posing significant recruitment delays for most organizations.

If you’re like many, you’re struggling to hire people without it taking weeks or even longer. The ‘Time-to-Hire’ metric has been steadily climbing, indicating a growing problem in the recruitment process.

The Impact of Prolonged Time-to-Hire

It’s easy to write off a long time-to-hire as an inconvenience, but a glacial pace when hiring has consequences that reach far and wide. 

We’re talking about falling revenue, missed opportunities, and a pattern of missing company goals. 

Your customers are suffering from poor experiences, and your team is losing their mojo faster than you can say “morale killer.” 

Why is Time-to-Hire So Out of Control? 

Let’s be honest about what’s causing this mess. Everyone loves to blame the tight labor market and low unemployment rates. There’s no doubt that a lot of recruiting teams are drowning in a sea of resumes from underqualified candidates. But that doesn’t tell the full story. 

Let’s not forget about the bureaucratic circus happening inside your own organization. Endless red tape, convoluted approval processes, and decision-making that would make a sloth look like Usain Bolt. No wonder it takes so long to hire someone!  

It’s time to quit making excuses and start fixing the process. 

We need to stop treating recruiting as a checkbox exercise and start viewing it as a strategic advantage. That means investing time and resources accordingly. Here’s what you can do to slash time-to-hire: 

Accept That Your Recruiting Team May Need Support 

We know most recruiters are hesitant to call in outside support, but there’s no shame in it – and it doesn’t mean you have to outsource your whole team or replace anyone. 

Your recruiters are doing the best with the tools they have, but there are flexible and affordable ways to give them a leg up. 

For example, consider our dedicated resources. Instead of hiring additional recruiters that you may have to lay off later, or paying for expensive benefits, you can get dedicated support for as little as 90 days to get you through a big hiring initiative, or fill a tough role. 

Ditch the LinkedIn Lurking 

I hate to break it to you, but relying on LinkedIn and generic job boards kills your chances of finding the best candidates. It’s time to stop chasing low-hanging fruit and find candidates worth pursuing. Start targeting specific candidates who aren’t even actively looking for a job. That’s right, go after the unicorns hiding in the shadows. Put in the effort to seek out the rockstars who haven’t even realized they’re ready for their next big move. Get creative, get aggressive, and stop waiting for talent to fall into your lap. 

Recruitment research can give your recruiting team a great shot in the arm here. We help your recruiters find candidates and get direct dials that they wouldn’t be able to find on LinkedIn, job boards, or anywhere else. That way, your recruiters can focus on what they do best – recruiting and building relationships. 

Leaders, Not Bosses 

Here’s a wake-up call: people don’t quit their jobs; they quit their lousy bosses – and fixing retention is half the battle in keeping your organization staffed. 

It’s time to invest in developing leaders, not just your rank-and-file employees. The world doesn’t need more managers who micromanage and stifle growth. We need true leaders who inspire, empower, and ignite the fire within their teams.  

Invest in leadership development with tried-and-tested programs led by someone who’s actually led teams – and watch your retention rates skyrocket. 

You Can Fix Your Time-to-Hire 

It’s hard to admit that your time-to-hire is getting too long. And it can be even harder to come up with a real plan to address the issue. 

Take this as an opportunity to make a huge difference for your organization and accelerate your career by tackling a costly problem head-on. It’s time to shake things up, challenge the status quo, and take a bold leap towards a strategic approach to recruiting. 

If you’re looking for more help solving your talent challenges, schedule a consultation with our team today to learn how we can assist.