Passive candidate pipelines are key to hiring top talent in today’s talent market. When everyone is searching for the same skilled professionals, it’s crucial to target professionals who are already gainfully employed. The best candidates are busy with their heads down solving complex problems – which is why you need a strategy to source them!

Passive Candidate Pipeline: Get Creative With Social Media and LinkedIn

Every recruiter’s first move with a new search is jump on LinkedIn. That’s all well and good – but if you really want to build a passive candidate pipeline, you have to go a step further.

Look for groups and associations relevant to YOUR target professionals. Join them and play an active role in discussions. Show you’re there to benefit them – then start making connections and getting to know people.

Go beyond LinkedIn as well. Check out Facebook, Twitter, even YouTube and sites like GitHub for developers!

Find out where your target professionals congregate and connect with each other online – then join them. The key is to focus on providing value before you start asking people about job opportunities.

Passive Candidate Pipeline: Go Meet Them in Person

Recruiters have a lot of powerful digital tools to connect with candidates, but when passive candidate pipelining, nothing beats in-person connections.

When you meet people in person, you both walk away with a greater sense of connection and trust. Look for meetups, conferences, and other events in your area to source professionals.

Just like when you join groups online, it’s important that you focus on providing value and building a relationship BEFORE you discuss job opportunities.

Nobody likes a recruiter who’s clearly only interested in filling their open roles. But if you take the time to help people and get to know them first, they’ll be much more receptive to the conversation.

Passive Candidate Pipeline: Leverage Referrals – and Offer an Amazing Candidate Experience

Did you know that employee referrals lead to faster, cheaper, and better quality hires? It’s true!

This makes them one of your most valuable strategies when building a passive candidate pipeline. To make sure you’re getting as many employee referrals as possible, you can offer some sort of incentive program.

Many companies offer a cash reward if an employee referral stays for 90 days or more. Make sure you regularly promote the referral incentives to your team as well – if people don’t know or forget about the reward, they won’t refer any top candidates in their network!

Find Candidates Where They’re At

A passive candidate pipeline may take more work than hiring active candidates, but it dramatically boosts your quality of hire. It takes time and effort – but makes hiring faster and easier when your open reqs are piling up.

Everything worthwhile in life is uphill – the same is true in recruiting!

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