Everyone knows that recruiters are responsible for helping your company make hires.

But if you look at the big picture, you know the real value of recruiting is so much more than just putting “butts in seats.”

The real value in recruiting isn’t in just hiring the person with the best skills.

It’s about hiring someone who sticks around on for the long-haul and delivers real business results on YOUR team.

Likewise, it’s not just about hiring individuals – it’s about building teams with real chemistry. It’s about building cohesive teams that make up something greater than the sum of their parts.

Deep down, we all know that this is how recruiting SHOULD be. Unfortunately, achieving these results is a lot easier said than done.

Part of the problem is today’s competitive talent market. But for many businesses, they’re getting poor results due to outdated recruiting practices.

If you’re serious about unlocking the true potential of your recruiting team and making high-impact hires, make sure you’re leveraging these three key tools.

1) Employee Referrals

Most companies already leverage referrals, but it’s such a good opportunity for quality hires that it’s worth mentioning again. Study after study has shown that candidates from referrals lead to high-quality hires and save a company money.

Will referrals alone help you meet all your talent needs? Of course not. But it’s a simple, straightforward way to get quality candidates in your talent pipeline.

A referral bonus and frequent reminders are key to making sure employees remember to refer others and keep it top of mind!

2) Behavioral Analytics

One of the biggest challenges in recruiting is knowing how a candidate will mesh with the rest of their team. You can verify someone’s skills with skill tests, check their track record to see if they have what it takes to deliver, but it’s a lot harder to tell whether they will have personality clashes with their manager and team.

As mentioned above, it’s not enough to hire someone based on skills or past performance. High-impact recruiting focuses on hiring candidates that will have great chemistry with our leaders and existing team members.

Analytics are key here. Platforms like the Predictive Index and Perception Predict allow us to understand what drives a candidate and PREDICT how they will interact with other team members. It allows you to forecast personality clashes as well as where candidates will synergize with others for maximum results.

Furthermore, these analytics allow us to mitigate the unconscious bias we all have to hire people who look and sound like us.

If you’re serious about selecting the right candidates for RESULTS on the job, analytics are a must.

3) A Proactive Sourcing Strategy

One of the biggest mistakes companies make when it comes to recruiting is not having a proactive sourcing strategy.

For decades, companies were able to largely meet their talent needs by recruiting active candidates who applied to job postings or reached out to the company.

But as the skills gap has widened and employee loyalty has declined, companies have more hiring needs while also facing stiff competition for talent.

Today’s recruiters have to devise a proactive strategy for sourcing passive candidates. Recruiters must dig deeper than LinkedIn and job boards to effectively engage candidates that aren’t actively searching for new opportunities.

Recruitment marketing is a key tool in this endeavor. It’s about clarifying the unique value you offer as an employer while connecting with candidates in your talent market.

In other words, it’s the strategy of using marketing methods to get candidates interested in your company and eager to apply.

Surfacing and connecting with candidates is also important. Our own in-house recruitment research team offers a cost-effective solution for finding candidates who either aren’t on LinkedIn or never check their InMails.

Whatever route you take, it’s important to develop a results-based approach for connecting with passive candidates – not just relying on active candidates.

Your Organization’s Success Starts With Recruiting

Recruiting is easily one of the most important functions at any business. An incredible sales team, exceptional customer service, strong leadership – all of these assets start with a recruiting team that spoke to the right candidates and convinced them to apply.

If you’re a recruiter, you can make a dramatic difference for your organization by creating a recruiting process that DELIVERS. Leverage these three tools to get a huge advantage on building teams that crush it at your organization.

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