Active candidate sourcing is a must in today’s market.

In the past, many recruiters filled roles by simply tapping their network.

Nowadays, recruiters must actively seek qualified candidates. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to know where to look.

Here are three killer strategies for active candidate sourcing:

Active Candidate Sourcing Strategy #1 – Polish Your Employer Brand

When sourcing, it’s key to make a positive first impression.

Why is this so important? Because if you spend hours trying to connect with the perfect candidate, you really want to impress them. They WILL research you and your company!

To start, make sure you’re managing job board pages. That includes Glassdoor, Indeed, etc.

Reply to reviews and flag any phony reviews. Overall, try to stay engaged.

This shows potential candidates that your company cares about employee experience.

Additionally, partner with your internal marketing team for active candidate sourcing.

Marketing should lend a hand crafting compelling careers pages and recruitment collateral.

Finally, polish your personal brand on LinkedIn and other social media. Update your headshot if need be and write clear descriptions about how you serve candidates.

Show candidates what’s in it for them!

Active Candidate Sourcing Strategy #2 – Recruit Offline

Recruiting online is all well and good.

But connecting with candidates today means thinking outside the box.

And nothing beats face-to-face communication for active candidate sourcing.

If you’re struggling to find candidates online, look into in-person events for your target market.

Ask yourself where the community gathers.

Think conferences, expos, and networking events. Career fairs are another good option.

With COVID restrictions lifting up, this is a great way to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Active Candidate Sourcing Strategy #3 – Explore New Platforms, Forums, and Groups

As far as online active candidate sourcing, it pays to look into more niche platforms.

The large platforms like LinkedIn and Indeed are great. Unfortunately, they’re also oversaturated. Qualified candidates get tons of messages from recruiters. This makes it really hard to connect.

Your best bet is to find platforms dedicated to your niche. Try groups on social media and niche job boards. Forums are also a great place to look.

For example, Triplebyte is a great job board specifically for engineers. Hired is the same for tech candidates. Furthermore, Underdog is a job board dedicated to startups.

While it’s not a job board, Github is an awesome place to find developers. You can search by language, review candidates’ work, and more.

Opportunity is Out There

There are plenty of wonderful opportunities for active candidate sourcing. However, a creative approach is a must. Patience is also key. You may need to try several approaches before you strike gold.

Lastly, if you’re really stuck, you can always leverage our recruiting research solutions. We uncover candidate information that’s customized to your unique needs to jumpstart your search!