Agile recruiting processes are something everybody aims for in recruiting – and it’s easy to see why.

The last few years have been an absolute roller coaster for recruiting. Hiring needs have spiked more than anyone could have imagined.

The Great Resignation is certainly playing a role, but that’s not the only factor.

In today’s fast-changing market, hiring needs can change on a dime.

As a recruiter, it makes life very difficult. You need a hiring process that allows you to meet rising or falling demands with ease.

Here are a few ideas to build a more agile recruiting process:

Build a Strong Talent Pipeline for an Agile Recruiting Process

The best way to make your recruiting process more agile is keep a great talent bench.

It starts with your 2nd, 3rd, and even 4th best candidates for a role…

Thank them for applying – and take the time to stay in touch.

If someone was a good candidate today, they may be just the candidate you need tomorrow.

Recruiters should always be trying to cultivate and develop relationships with candidates in their field.

Interview hiring managers at your company to help anticipate future hiring needs. Before you get open reqs, take the time to network and get to know people in related communities.

A strong employer brand is also very valuable here. It can support you in building the pipeline you need for an agile recruiting process

If you’re too pressed for time, consider external support, like recruiting research or talent sourcing services.

Supplement Your Recruiting Team with an Outside RPO

A lot of people assume working with an RPO means getting rid of your internal team. That’s simply not the case.

You can also supplement your recruiting team with an RPO agreement. Here at Qualigence, we’ve partnered with larger companies to help them meet hiring booms efficiently.

It allows you to hire at scale when hiring needs spike – without the commitment of expanding your recruiting team.

You can get dedicated access to 1-4 or more of our recruiters for months or a year at a time.

It’s a flexible, cost-effective solution to meet a rapid increase in hiring needs. You don’t have to replace your internal team for an agile recruiting process.

Shorten and Simplify Recruiting Process for an Agile Recruiting Process

The longer and more complex your recruiting process, the harder it is to move on a dime.

A good sweet spot for number of interviews is 2 to 3.

Given the horror stories about companies requiring as many as TEN interviews, consider how many interviews you really need. Quality over quantity!

Likewise, be careful not to ask too much of candidates in terms of projects or testing.

The more time and effort a candidate has to put in, the harder it will be to get candidates across the finish line. When your hiring needs are sky high, do what you can to streamline the process while still selecting quality candidates.

Platforms like the Predictive Index and Perception Predict are your friends here! Use the right pre-hire assessments for an agile recruiting process.

Riding Hiring Booms (and Busts) With Grace

The ups and downs of the last few years in recruiting has been hard on even the best recruiters.

However, it’s worth stepping back and looking at the challenge as an opportunity.

You can put in longer and longer hours to try to fill all your roles…

Or you can rethink your process top-to-bottom. It’s time to create a process that lets you achieve demanding hiring goals…while also making your life easier!