Improving employer branding is a key priority for many companies.

In today’s tight labor market, a strong employer brand makes all the difference.

It’s a key advantage for recruiting top talent.

However, if your employer brand isn’t where you want it to be, improving it can be difficult.

Here are three steps you can take today to attract more candidates with your employer brand:

Step #1 to Improve Employer Branding: Identify Your Employer Value Proposition

This is the big one!

The strength of your employer brand really comes down to ONE THING…

And that’s your employer value proposition.

In a nutshell, your employer value proposition (EVP) is a set of reasons why someone should work for YOU…not the other guys.

Ask yourself – what makes your company uniquely great to work at?

What makes your business a better place to work than the competition?

It could be a strongly people-oriented culture. It could be your company’s purpose or mission, or your commitment to letting every employee making their voice heard.

If you want to improve your employer branding, you need a strong EVP.

However, don’t try to be everything to everyone.

Of course you want to attract all-stars…

But you also want to filter out people that DON’T fit your culture.

That just wastes your time and theirs. It also gums up the recruiting process with lower quality candidates.

Once you have a strong EVP – work it into your job descriptions, career page, recruiting ads, and so forth.

Make sure your recruiters can speak to it as well!

Step #2 to Improve Employer Branding: Leverage Video

It’s one thing to read someone’s words.

It’s a whole different experience to HEAR and SEE someone speaking.

That’s the power of video. If you want to improve your employer branding, you have to take advantage of this tool.

It allows you to forge a much stronger connection with candidates.

Furthermore, it gives your branding a face. Video allows people to better imagine what it would be like working with you.

Finally, you can use video to show off your location. Give candidates a virtual tour of your office, or showcase the city you’re located in. Walk them through nearby amenities and get creative!

Step #3 to Improve Employer Branding: Manage Your Glassdoor, Indeed and Other Online Profiles

One of the easiest things you can do to improve your employer branding is manage your Glassdoor, Indeed and other employee review sites.

Nothing scares candidates away like a lot of negative reviews.

Your first move should be to respond to negative reviews. It won’t remove them, but it shows you hear their concerns. A response shows you care.

Additionally, you can flag reviews you believe to be fake. The site may remove them for you.

Lastly, ask your employees to leave reviews.

The more reviews you receive, generally the higher your score will be.

Companies that never ask tend to have lower scores.

Happy employees often don’t think to leave a review – only people who are bearing a grudge.

A Stronger Brand Starts Today

Look, we get it.

Improving your employer brand can be daunting. And it can hard to know where to start.

But putting in some effort on the regular can make a HUGE difference over time. Before you know it, you’ll have a brand that resonates with candidates and empowers you to make amazing hires.

Trust us – the results are well worth it!