Qualigence International, a talent acquisition and optimization firm located in Livonia, Michigan, is proud to announce several holiday giveaways worth thousands of dollars as part of their ‘Tis the Season campaign. 

From deep discounts on recruitment research and recruiting projects to leadership training with CEO and founder Steve Lowisz, there’s something for everyone in their giveaways. 

Steve elaborates on why the company decided to offer these giveaways: 

“We’re incredibly fortunate to be wrapping up a successful year even with COVID-19 and all the other impacts to the recruiting industry. We’re here today in large part because of our amazing clients and community, so this is our way of giving back and sharing our success with others.” 

The company is offering deep discounts on new recruiting, recruitment and research projects to help support other businesses looking to hire. They also have live and remote, on-demand recruiter training courses for talent acquisition teams, as well as a John Maxwell certified leadership course delivered by Steve Lowisz himself. 

“We really wanted to make sure we had something for talent acquisition teams, HR teams, and business leaders alike. No matter your role or industry, if you’re in this line of work we have a giveaway for you!” 

Interested parties can learn more here: Tis The Season of Giving