Hit the Ground Running With Updated, Accurate Information on Candidates. Get Direct Dials for Qualified Professionals and Diverse Candidates in Your Niche!


Find Candidates for Your Unique Needs

Need help finding underrepresented candidates for your open roles in your metro area? No problem. Need names and contact information for all the community lenders in a few different states? We can do that too.

Whether you’re looking for candidate bios, compensation studies, organization charts, diversity reports, or something else, our research team can deliver the data you need.

Ready-to-Download Research Lists

Get Names and Direct Contact Info for Key Personnel

Contact candidates today with ready-to-download research lists. These lists include verified names, titles, and contact information for highly in-demand professionals. Skip the wrong numbers with direct dials and emails for C-suite executives, directors and more. All information is updated and verified on a regular basis. Its a one-time cost and can be downloaded immediately.

Identify Diverse Candidates for Your Roles

Study after study has shown that diverse teams are more successful and profitable than others. But recruiting to meet D&I initiatives can be difficult, especially for niche roles.

Our research team makes it easy and affordable to identify diverse candidates for your team – and we dig deeper than LinkedIn. Unlock the entire talent pool, not just the candidates that anyone can find with a Google search.

Real-Time Updates + Responsive Service

Like all our services, we use an hourly model for recruitment research. You get updates in real-time with all the data we’re uncovering along with reports on our progress.  

There’s no minimums or fees beyond the hourly rate, so if you’re not finding value or think you’ve gathered enough data, you can stop anytime. 


Functional Data Targeted to Your Needs

Fortune 500 companies use our research team for a reason – we uncover data that is not only accurate but provides true value.  

For example, if you need to hire professionals with a certain skill set, we will source candidates that fit the bill, not just the ones with the right job title or keywords in their profile.  

Better yet, we verify all our data to ensure you have relevant, up-to-date information.  

Connect With Your Ideal Sales Prospects

Get the most from your prospecting by getting in touch with true decision makers. We can find phone numbers, emails, and any information you need to close deals fast.

Our research team has a solid record of identifying hard-to-find candidates and verifying their contact information. We use the same team to connect salespeople with your ideal prospects. No more calling wrong numbers or spinning your wheels with dead-end contacts.


Many clients and several leading agencies use our verified name generation to increase the size of their available talent pool. Search by title or function to go far beyond LinkedIn and automated scraping tools. We guarantee same-day accurate information or it is replaced at no charge.

What you get:
  • First + last names
  • Company
  • Titles
  • Confirmed phone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Social profile links (if applicable)
Organization Charts

Find out how your competition is structured. Get organization charts based on geographic regions, or start with a company, division, team, team, or individual name. We can map up, down, or lateral. Get direct reporting and leadership structures.

What you get:
  • Full reporting
  • First + last names
  • Titles
  • Confirmed phone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Social profile links (if applicable)
Compensation Studies

Discover pay and benefits for specific roles, functions, or industries. We can research compensation nationwide or statewide. Alternatively, we can target specific locations and geographic areas.

  • Detailed custom reports or summaries
  • Excel spreadsheets
  • Graphic data/charts for presentations (upon request)
Competitive Intel

Gain insight into your competition, or what’s happening in the market related to a specific role. We’ve researched vacation packages, bonus structures, market wages, sales goals/production rates, and compilations of various data points on competition/market disruptors. Tell us what you need to know and we will find the answers.

What you get:
  • Detailed custom reports or summaries
  • Excel spreadsheets
  • Graphic data/charts for presentations (upon request)
Diversity Identification

Identify the makeup of a specific workforce. We can help you determine if a company’s initiatives are on track. We can also compare workforce diversity structures of competitors.

What you get:
  • Detailed custom reports or summaries
  • Excel spreadsheets
  • Graphic data/charts for presentations (upon request)
Candidate Bios

Get an in-depth view of a candidate. Go beyond social profiles and resumes to discover who the person really is. Receive robust information for presentations or comparisons.

What you get:
  • In-depth report
  • Photos
  • Social profiles
  • Personal websites
  • Data points from multiple online sources where available (education, publications, bios, interviews, articles, press releases, videos, podcasts, etc.)

People Analytics

Looking to make the right hires for your organization’s culture? Learn more about how you can use analytics to select the right candidates 

It’s not enough to hire the right people. You need to ensure talent stays with the company and delivers real results.

Research falls under Discover and Define of our Performance Blueprint – Click on the icons to learn more about each step in the process







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No B.S. Pricing Model

Qualigence offers three cost-effective pricing models for our services — hourly, bundles and project outsourcing. These allow us to deliver exceptional value with none of the large fees associated with traditional agencies 

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