No commissions. No B.S. Just great hires.

recruiting, revamped

We started this business to offer recruiting services that empowered businesses by putting the right people in the right roles. We’d been on the receiving end of sub-par recruiting services and knew how frustrating it is to feel like a recruiter is submitting candidates that are totally different than what you envision for the role. So we built a recruiting business model that was totally different: one based on an hourly-rate, not commissions. This changes the equation, putting the emphasis on quality over quantity. Unlike those at an agency, our recruiters are never motivated by a commission or rushing to fill a seat. Our performance solutions take this commitment to quality a step further, as we continue to work with you to ensure your new hires succeed in the long-term.

How we do it

Certified Recruiting Professionals

  • Creative & engaging outreach
  • Over 70% higher response rates
  • In-depth knowledge of tools and tactics

Results-Based Interviewing™

  • Understanding desired results from the role
  • Analyzing the candidate’s prior application of skills
  • Establishing candidate’s history of verified results

Core 4 Candidate Evaluation™

  • Understand candidate profile
  • Understand production ability
  • Understand purpose


Higher retention. Stronger Engagement.

On average, 70% of new hires fail in the first 18 months. Our recruiting process provides a proven framework for hiring the right person, providing a much higher chance of success. Next, our performance solutions ensure the hire is delivering the right results.

Data Driven Results.

Traditional interviewing and recruiting processes don’t effectively predict success. Our scientifically-validated behavioral assessments, Results-Based Interviewing™ process, and Core 4 Candidate Evaluation™ leverage data and science to ensure you’re getting the right hires.

Your Partners for Quality Talent

There’s a Better Way to Recruit.