For this article, we asked our intern Todd Owens to share his thoughts on what Gen Z wants to see in the workplace. As a “zoomer” himself, we figured there was no one better qualified to answer the question!

Being a teenager can be a slow introduction into adult life or a full throttle leap into it.

I’ve always dreamed about owning my own business, but leading up to that I will work for someone.

Having my first job at seventeen at the Wellness Plan Medical Center has exposed me to the workforce in a relatively mild way.

Going into my adult years if I were to work for someone there are three main things I look for that are extremely important to me in an organization.

Great Communication

I think it is very important to have great communication with those that I’m working with.

Having good communication with my boss and coworkers can help with any confusion or misconceptions I may have during the job.

Not only will it benefit us in the work sense but it will also help our relationship as a whole.

If I ever need to tell someone something of importance I want to know I can tell my boss or coworkers. Seeing the people I work with as real human beings and not just the people I’m stuck with from 9 to 5 will help with our dynamic and help with being approachable.


In addition to great communication I also look for a boss who can hold me and themselves accountable, because we all make mistakes.

Making mistakes can be extremely frustrating and may make you want to stop doing everything completely and run away. But having a boss that can hold me accountable will make me feel better about myself and feel like I can try again and face the mistake. A boss that can also understand where they dropped the ball and are not afraid to admit that shows great character.


Last but definitely not least I look for patience when working for someone else. While being fast and efficient is ideal, I also know you have to have patience because things don’t just happen overnight.

When given a long or and tedious project to complete I would like to be able to pace myself so that I can create things of quality while also meeting the deadline.

The knowledge of not being rushed will allow me to not overly stress about my project and create the best thing I can make.

Miscellaneous Benefits

While not being in my top three, I also wanted to mention things such as benefits, vacation time, and sick days. As I get older I hear more and more about these benefits.

Whether it’s because of how important they are to have or being the reason why people work where they work. For me if the environment is right I don’t need much vacation time but if I become sick that’s the end of story.

An example we’ve all seen is teachers coming in when they are in need of good rest. Doing a job well while being sick is possible but not ideal at all.

In conclusion as I glide into my adult years there are three main things I look for when thinking about an organization. Great communication which will help me work through confusion or misconceptions I may have while doing my job. Additionally when looking to work for someone else I would love to have a boss that will hold me and themselves accountable.

A boss who can hold himself and their employee accountable shows great character. Furthermore I look for patience when working for someone else. Still having deadlines but being allowed to work at my own pace will not only improve my mental health also the workspace. All of these three things work together to create a healthy office space with people who are easy to work with.