Employee selection processes can seem straightforward, but few organizations get them totally right.

To make quality hires that thrive at your organization, you need a proven selection process. You need a plan to mitigate bias and ensure you’re hiring the right person for the right role for the right reasons.

Without further ado, here are five ways you can bolster your candidate selection process.

Stay Focused On What Makes for a Great Hire

First and foremost, you need to be very clear on what a successful hire looks like for your role, team, and organization.

What does the hiring manager want in a new hire? What are their teams’ goals, and how they do expect this new individual to fit into those roles? How does all this fit into the overall business strategy?

If you don’t know EXACTLY what a successful hire will look like in the role, you’re not going to have much luck even with a strong selection process.

Seeing the big picture of what makes for a successful hire can allow you to see past irrelevant credentials or considerations and focus on what will truly add value to the business.

Include a Structured Interview Process in Your Employee Selection Process

Unstructured interviews are not only unfair, they are also unreliable and lead to inconsistent results. You need to ask candidates the same set of questions and rate their answers using the same scale.

This levels the playing field and allows you to evaluate each candidate by the same metric.

Furthermore, it reduces your risk of legal challenges regarding unfair hiring practices.

Feel Free to Gather Input, But Let a Few Key People Make the Final Decision

It’s important to get different perspectives on your candidates, but you can easily have a “too many cooks” situation.

Different people can help you get a well-rounded look at each candidate. However, if you pick candidates by committee, the process can get drawn out too long and lead to compromises. At the end of the day, it’s best to let a few key people make the final decision.

Use Objective Hiring Criteria in Your Employee Selection Process

One of the biggest keys for effective candidate selection is using objective hiring criteria. Without an objective way to measure and compare candidates, it’s hard to consistently make the right hires.

You can’t objectify every part of your criteria, but where possible, you should be very specific about your ideal candidate profile.

What skills are essential versus preferred? What experience is necessary? What results should a candidate have ideally delivered in the past?

Leverage Talent Optimization in Your Employee Selection Process

Our talent optimization platform with software from the Predictive Index and Perception Predict are incredibly useful here. They give you an in-depth, objective look at each candidate.

The Predictive Index allows you to understand the behavioral drives of each candidate and predict how they will mesh with your team.

On the other hand, Perception Predict allows you to predict how well a candidate will perform in sales or other measurable roles. You can predict a candidate’s ability to drive revenue on a specific team with your business, all with a high degree of accuracy.

In Closing – Make the Right Decisions for the Long-Term

Candidate selection isn’t just about picking the candidate that looks best on paper or the most charismatic interviewer. It’s about finding someone that is going to thrive and grow with your organization for years to come.

The best selection processes are oriented around picking the individual that will power your success and help you crush your business goals – and synergistically add to your team.

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