Recruitment process outsourcing rates can vary wildly. Furthermore, all the different clauses and types of contracts can get confusing fast.

In this article, we’ll break down some typical price ranges for RPO services. We’ll also cover the different factors that can affect RPO rates, and what to watch for in a contract.

Typical Recruitment Process Outsourcing Rates

Recruitment process outsourcing rates typically fall anywhere from 5-10% of base salary for new hires.

You’ll want to consider which hires you’ll be charged for. Some RPO providers will charge for every new hire you make between the start and end dates of the contract. That means you’ll be paying for referrals and internal promotions that the provider had nothing do with!

Oftentimes, RPOs bring other costs as well. These may include start-up costs or hidden fees. At the end of the day, make sure you’re looking at more than the cost-per-hire figure.

What Value Are You Getting for Paying Recruitment Process Outsourcing Rates

If you’re considering an RPO, think about your recruiting holistically. Look at the big picture, not just the dollars you might save with lower recruitment process outsourcing rates.

To start, ask yourself what success looks like to the RPO provider. Is it making hires fast? Is it making a large quantity of hires in a short period of time?

Remember that real value in recruiting comes from quality hires that thrive at your organization long-term.

If your RPO provider makes fast hires that leave just as quickly, you’re paying more money for frequent hires without any real value added to the business!

A good question to ask any RPO provider is what metrics they will use to track success. What happens if those metrics aren’t met? And what happens if new hires leave your organization sooner than expected?

How Flexible is the Contract?

Recruiting needs naturally ebb and flow – especially in today’s fast-paced market. You don’t want to overpay during hiring slumps or find yourself without proper support when hiring needs spike.

We recommend looking for flexible contracts that allow you to adjust your needs on a yearly basis. That way you can make great hires more affordably regardless of the specific recruitment process outsourcing rates.

Great Hires Are Worth Their Weight in Gold

Don’t get us wrong, it’s important to look carefully at recruitment process outsourcing rates. But in closing, remember to consider the big picture. At the end of the day, quality hires are invaluable to your business. Nothing drives your success like committed, talented individuals who “click” with one another and work as a team!