Employer branding is now a make-or-break feature of a successful recruiting strategy. Unfortunately, a lot of marketers AND recruiters don’t know how to create a brand that stands out from the crowd. As we delve into the world of effective employer branding, it’s important to understand its significance in the modern job market.

With every company now leveraging employer branding, you have to go the extra mile to differentiate yourself. Here are a few tips to get you started. 

Be Authentic 

The first step in effective employer branding is to be authentic. Authenticity resonates deeply in today’s market and is a cornerstone of a successful brand. Now more than ever, people can tell when your marketing brand is phony and not reflecting the reality of your business.

Whether it’s stock photos, grandiose promises, or descriptions of a completely perfect workplace, people can see through the baloney. 

Candidates respond very positively to authentic content that shows them who they really are. Share pictures of real employees. Even better, record employees talking about the company on video and share those! 

Show people what your company is really like and embrace what makes your company uniquely attractive to talent. 

Share the Parts That Some People Won’t Like! 

Another crucial aspect of effective employer branding is transparency about the less glamorous parts of your company. Everybody knows that employer branding should show off the glamorous, attractive parts of working at your company. 

But what about the parts that can be kind of unpopular – like long hours or tough challenges without a roadmap to guide you? 

A good employer brand doesn’t just attract lots of candidates. It attracts the RIGHT KIND of candidates. You don’t want to hire people who will get frustrated with the challenges at your company and quit two weeks later. 

Instead, use employer branding as an opportunity to be upfront with people about the challenges of working at your organization. Frame them as an exciting opportunity for the right kind of person who’s not afraid of these difficulties. 

In the long run, it will pay off big time! 

Track Results & Experiment 

Like anything in marketing, branding, and advertising, you never quite know how your material will resonate with your audience. Track statistics on ads, landing pages, career pages, conversions, applications, and more. Test out different messages to see if you can get more site traffic and drive more applications. 

Go a step further, too – track the quality of your hire. In some cases, fewer applicants and site traffic may be a good thing if it means your recruiting team is talking to better candidates! 

Remember, you don’t want employer branding to give you thousands of candidates for a few roles…you want it to help you find a select number of AMAZING candidates. 

If you’re serious about addressing these challenges and more, schedule a call with us today to learn how we help Fortune 500 organizations meet their talent goals.