FinTech recruitment is a growing niche in the talent acquisition space. FinTech companies have unique hiring needs that may have similarities to tech and finance but are still different than either.

If you’re looking to partner with a FinTech recruitment firm, here are three things to keep in mind.

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FinTech Recruitment Firms: Look for Experience in FinTech – Not Just Finance

A lot of companies will be glad to share their experience in finance – but FinTech is a different beast. Just because a company has deep expertise recruiting for banks, credit unions, or insurance agencies doesn’t mean they understand the unique talent landscape in FinTech.

When picking a FinTech recruitment firm, look for someone with the experience and expertise to understand both the tech and finance worlds. If your recruiters aren’t intimately familiar with the FinTech space, they may struggle to build credibility with candidates, causing you to lose out on top talent.

FinTech Recruitment Firms: A Focus on True Value vs. Superficial Results

When shopping for a FinTech recruitment firm, a great question to ask is: how does the company define value?

Many recruiting agencies track KPIs that don’t necessarily translate to valuable hires. Consider two of the most popular recruiting metrics: time-to-hire and the number of candidates submitted per day, week or month.

We all want timely hires. But 9 times out of 10, quality is more important. Most hiring managers would prefer to wait a little longer if it means getting a better hire. But if the company is pushing for speed, you’ll never get the best hires.

Likewise, it sounds great on paper to receive a lot of candidates in a short span of time. But isn’t it more valuable to receive a small number of targeted, high-quality candidates that perfectly fit your needs?

When a FinTech recruitment firm submits more candidates just means the hiring manager must spend more time separating the wheat from the chaff.

Instead, consider focusing on metrics like submittal-to-interview rate, interview-to-hire rate, and retention rate. These metrics focus on the quality of candidates submitted, and the value they provide to your organization long-term.

FinTech Recruitment Firms: A Fair Pricing Model

There’s no way to sugarcoat it. Some FinTech recruitment firms’ pricing models are basically daylight robbery.

Upfront fees, hidden costs, retainers, commissions…the costs can add up fast.

Here at Qualigence, our hourly model strips away excessive fees by charging clients for our time and expertise. Clients pay as they go and can start or stop at any time.

Additionally, this allows us to focus on quality of hire above all else, while being more transparent than contingent agencies.

Find the Firm That’s Right for You

At the end of the day, you have to pick the FinTech recruitment firm that meets YOUR needs. Every company will have different goals, priorities, and preferences regarding the firm they partner with. There truly is no one-size fits all solution!

If you’re interested in making your next FinTech recruitment project a success, schedule a no-obligation call with our team today to learn more.