Although unemployment is high due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many employers are still stuck trying to recruit qualified professionals for key positions. In-demand candidates like developers, engineers, and sales reps are incredibly hard to find. Companies are having to rethink the traditional candidate sourcing techniques and develop new ways to attract passive candidates. 

Two of the key tools leveraged by talent acquisition teams are employer branding and recruitment marketingQualigence International is now proud to offer both of these services in addition to their standard recruiting and sourcing solutions. 

Interested parties can learn more here: https://qualigence.com/solutions/recruitment-marketing/

In short, employer branding is about creating and maintaining a positive image for your business as a great career opportunity for candidates. More and more businesses are finding it difficult to even get candidates on the phone, let alone convince them to apply.  

With a strong employer brand and associated recruitment marketing, businesses can make an impression on target candidates and make a compelling argument for why they should apply. 

As the Qualigence marketing team has experience developing employer brands and marketing collateral for a number of high-profile brands, these services are a natural extension of their past work. Their clients find value in Qualigence’s expertise in both marketing as well as recruiting. 

“Whether it’s creating a new employment page, crafting Google ads, social media posts, or an entire email marketing campaign, we can help businesses attract top talent,” said Marketing and PR manager Jennifer Reisig. 

“It’s no longer enough to offer a great salary and benefits. With in-demand talent, they want to know how your business will be a better long-term career opportunity than other companies.”