With every passing day, more and more business decisions are guided by data. Michigan recruiting firm Qualigence International is now demonstrating that hiring and recruiting decisions can also benefit from data analytics. 

Interested parties can learn more here: https://qualigence.com/solutions/science-predictive-index/ 

Hiring decisions are some of the most important decisions made at a business on a regular basis. Unfortunately, the traditional candidate selection tools – interviews, resumes, sample projects – don’t go far enough. According to several studies, 50% of all new hires from the entry-level to the C-suite fail in the first 18 months. 

Part of the challenge is that while it’s easy to tell whether a candidate has the right skills for a job, it’s hard to predict how they will mesh with leaders, team members, culture, and more. Qualigence uses proven analytics from the Predictive Index to gain accurate insights into what drives different individuals 

With this technology, their recruiting team can quickly understand how a leader will compliment or clash with a new hire, as well as where someone will excel or struggle in a given role. While their team still uses interviews, resumes, and other tools to evaluate candidates, their team has found the analytics from PI to be an invaluable part of the selection process. 

Internally, the Qualigence team has seen turnover drop from 40% to 2 or 3% since using these analytics to guide hiring decisions. Furthermore, their team has gone from 50% to nearly 100% success with new leadership placements. 

Qualigence CEO Steve Lowisz elaborates: 

“We now use data to guide countless business decisions. Why not use it to inform our people decisions? Our success starts with recruiting the right people and inspiring them to perform. The analytics from PI are invaluable in making that a repeatable process.”