Your Sales Challenges Stem From People Problems

At most companies, 20% of the sales team delivers 80% of the revenue.

First we help you recruit sales pros that can truly deliver. Next, we identify and address your sales challenges with validated people analytics. Finally, we deliver sales training that’s proven to supercharge conversion rates.

Have you ever wondered why one salesperson can crush it…while someone on the same team struggles?

We use validated people analytics to help you hire the right people for your sales team. Use science to find out whether someone is a better fit for account management or developing new business.

Solve performance issues by understanding what drives each salesperson as well as where they may struggle. Our performance solutions allow you to overcome your unique challenges and consistently drive revenue.

Sales Optimization

It can be hard to drive consistent results in sales. Leverage our proven, data-driven framework for unlocking greater revenue.


95% of sales success starts with recruiting the right people. We use proprietary techniques to identify and recruit the true high-performers for your team.

Sales Research

Get the most from your prospecting by getting in touch with true decision makers. We deliver the data you need to close deals fast.

No B.S. Pricing Model

Qualigence offers three cost-effective pricing models for our services — hourly, bundles and project outsourcing. These allow us to deliver exceptional value with none of the large fees associated with traditional agencies 

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