Why does candidate experience matter? 


Because the deck is stacked against you. 

If you’re hiring in 2022, that’s the reality. 

The Great Resignation means record numbers of people are quitting their jobs.  

Meanwhile, companies posted more open jobs than ever before in 2021. There’s no sign the situation is changing this year. 

As a business, HR department or recruiting team, you can’t control the labor market. 

What you CAN control is candidate experience. And the truth is that candidate experience is one of the single most important factors in hiring. 

Why Candidate Experience Matters 

According to CareerPlug, the #1 reason candidates decline an offer is because of a negative experience during the interview process. 

Furthermore, Deloitte reported that 87% of candidates say a positive experience can change their mind about a role they once doubted. 

In other words, candidate experience makes a big impact on your pipeline.

It’s clear why candidate experience matters. First impressions are key! 

This is your opportunity to show candidates why they should work for you. 

Timing is everything in recruiting. 

If you decline a candidate today, they could be a great fit tomorrow. Maybe they gain important experience. Likewise, they might learn the skills they lacked earlier. 

A positive candidate experience increases the odds they’ll apply again. 

By offering a strong candidate experience, you’ll have a MUCH easier time building a pipeline. 

Lastly, you never know when a candidate will refer a colleague! 

We Know Why Candidate Experience Matters – Here’s What to Do About It 

It’s clear why candidate experience matters. However, offering a positive experience can be less straightforward. 

Whatever you do, DON’T ghost candidates. 

That’s the worst thing you can do for candidate experience. 

Every candidate deserves a note – even if it’s automated – letting them know your final decision. 

When you make a final hire, send a personalized note to your 2nd and 3rd picks. If they are quality candidates, they could make a great hire down the line. Therefore, you should give them some special attention. 

Additionally, communicate with and THANK candidates at every stage. If they’ve taken the time to apply and/or interview, this simple courtesy goes a long way. 

In summary, think about how you can go above and beyond. Some companies even send a small gift to final round candidates that didn’t make the cut.  

Simple Steps Make a Big Impact 

It’s crucial to understand why candidate experience matters. However, it’s more important to understand HOW you can improve it. 

The good news is that even simple steps make a big impact. 

A simple email thanking someone for interviewing makes a huge difference. 

Above all, candidates are people. If you treat them with kindness and respect, your talent pipeline will thank you!