For many recruiters, the coronavirus crisis has been nothing but bad news.

Between layoffs, hiring freezes, social distancing and lockdowns, you’d be forgiven for feeling like the sky is falling – but that’s not quite the reality of the situation.

Sure, a lot has changed in recruiting. But the fact of the matter is that many companies are still hiring. Meanwhile, some industries have dramatically increased hiring to keep up with demand.

And finally, we know that this crisis will pass with time. Sooner or later, hiring is bound to pick up in every sector.

As recruiters, the best thing we can do right now is make the most of this situation. We have to get creative and look for new opportunities to add value for our organizations or clients. And one of the biggest opportunities right now is on social media.

It’s Your Time to Shine on Social

More people are working from home than ever before. Many states are on total or partial lockdown. Even in areas without restrictions, people are less likely to be going out.

What this means is that people are on social media more than usual. While we’re stuck in isolation, people are turning to social media for water cooler talk, networking, and conversation in general.

As a result, there’s never been a better time to punch up your online presence. Whether it’s your employer brand as an organization or your personal brand as a recruiter, now is the time to shine. Update your profile picture, comb through profile, and make sure you’re putting your best foot forward.

It’s likely your engagement will spike through this time, so make the most of it with a profile that leaves an impression. While we tend to focus on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are also valuable platforms for recruiters. If you have the time, you can touch up your brand and post there as well.

In this cutthroat talent market, businesses need every advantage they can get to attract qualified candidates. Purpose is crucial here, as it is a value proposition that not everyone can offer. Organizations that genuinely offer their employees a sense of purpose have something that truly differentiates them from the competition.

Post Often (Preferably Daily) 

With more people chatting and posting on social media, now is the time to be a conversation starter. At a bare minimum, you should try to post something – even if it’s just a few sentences or a captioned picture – daily. If you can, writing articles or making short videos can really help you connect with others. 

A lot of people feel stuck and don’t know what to post. Ask yourself what you know better than most people, and then think about how to share that expertise. You can also share your two cents on current events, trends, or happenings in the industry. Just focus on providing value for your peers and colleagues. 

Connect with Others in Your Field 

All the effort you put into your brand and your content is wasted if you don’t have any followers. Although it may seem awkward at first to connect with total strangers, remind yourself that a wider network benefits both of you. If you’re truly focusing on posting content that delivers value, they’ll be happy to connect. 

If you have the time, personalizing your connection requests goes a long way. Comment on one of their recent updates, their headline, or something else and clarify why you want to connect with them specifically.  

The good news is that many candidates are more open to conversations now than they would be usually. Many are at home and don’t have to worry about coworkers that otherwise might overhear their conversation. Building connections now and expanding our network lays the groundwork for great placements tomorrow. 

Keep Moving Forward 

The coronavirus situation sucks. Nobody asked for this, and certainly nobody planned for it. But we’re stuck with it. It’s okay to feel frustrated and stressed. But at some point, we have to move forward.  

Let’s focus on the actions we can take to put us in a better position – and social media is a great place to start.