Flexible recruiting solutions are key to winning in today’s marketplace.

Getting help from an external recruiting partner can be a tremendous asset in hiring top talent. However, one of the biggest challenges for many companies is finding solutions that are adaptable.

Agility is Key

From up-front fees to multi-year RPO contracts, recruiting services are often rigid. Other companies may offer “one-size-fits-all” solutions that are priced fairly, but don’t really fit your unique needs.

If we truly want to put people at the center of recruiting, we have to make the solutions more flexible!

If you’re looking for more flexible recruiting solutions, here are three to consider:

Flexible Recruiting Solution #1 – Hourly Recruiting Services

Here at Qualigence, we’ve made a name for ourselves with our hourly recruiting services. Traditionally, recruiters charge either a retainer or a commission for their services. We use a different model – we charge you by the hour for our time spent on your search.

Our clients prefer our hourly services for a few reasons. First, you can start or stop at any time. Secondly, there’s no upfront charge, startup costs, or fees. Finally, it allows our recruiters to be more transparent since they’re not paid by commission. The result is quality hires at fair rates!

Flexible Recruiting Solution #2 – Recruitment Research or Sourcing Services

Full cycle recruiting solutions can be incredibly useful for meeting your talent needs. But what if you already have a great internal recruiting team? What if you only need assistance with finding qualified talent, instead of the entire recruiting process?

In these situations, recruitment research or sourcing services can be very beneficial. In a nutshell, recruitment research is about finding more candidates. Anyone can find talent on LinkedIn. But oftentimes, the best candidates are not on social media. Our in-house research team leverages a range of proven techniques to find candidates other recruiters are missing, giving you access to the entire talent pool.

Sourcing is similar but takes things a step further. Our sourcing team not only identifies potential candidates but calls them to confirm their qualifications and interest in your open position.

Both services allow your recruiting team to hit the ground running with a wider pool of candidates. Not only does this allow you to reduce time-to-fill, but it also means stronger hires!

Flexible Recruiting Solution #3 – Project Outsourcing Services

Sometimes, you need dedicated outside support. Whether you’re facing a hiring boom, expanding the business to new areas or just short on time, project outsourcing can help stay ahead of the curve.

In contrast to recruitment process outsourcing (RPOs), our project outsourcing solutions focus on 30–90-day engagements. You get dedicated access to 1-4 (or more) of our recruiters, meaning these professionals are focused on your project alone for the entirety of their work week.

This solution is great for when you need more support than traditional recruiting services but don’t want to commit to a long-term RPO.

Talent Acquisition Services That Adapt to Meet Your Needs

We’re firm believers in the idea that recruiting solutions should be molded to meet your needs, not the other way around. Every business is different, and your recruiting needs can change dramatically in just the course of a few months.

We hope these different options have given you a better idea of how flexible recruiting solutions really can be!