Qualigence International, an innovative recruiting firm, is helping companies across the country source diverse candidates with their unique recruitment research team. 

With the Black Lives Matter movement taking center stage, diversity recruiting is now a key focus for talent acquisition teams across the United States. However, one of the most common challenges in this space is finding enough talent from diverse backgrounds. This is especially true in highly skilled or niche positions where candidates are in short supply and high demand. 

Uncovering Talent You Won’t Find Elsewhere 

Anyone can do a Google search for candidates, but if companies want to make high-quality, diverse hires, they need to dig deeper. Qualigence’s recruitment research team is designed to help businesses uncover the entire talent pool, not just the candidates that are easily found. 

For over 20 years, their business has specialized in helping clients across the United States perform highly targeted searches for candidates relevant to their needs. They offer the largest recruitment research team in the country, and have spent years refining unique phone research tools to uncover information on candidates you can’t find anywhere else. 

Clients can use Qualigence’s recruitment research services to get data like candidate names, bios, direct dials, emails, org charts, and more on professionals highly relevant to your search. Best of all, all of the data is verified to be same day accurate – meaning your talent acquisition team doesn’t have to fuss with wrong numbers or outdated profiles. 

They are able to help with specialized searches such as looking for commercial lenders with x years of experience in a specific county, all while meeting diversity requirements. And in many cases, they have been able to dramatically lower clients’ cost-per-hire by putting them in touch with quality candidates right away. 

Are You Fishing From the Same Pond as Everyone Else? 

If you’re a recruiter, you know how frustrating it is to come up short sourcing candidates online. Part of the issue is that there are a lot of recruiters spamming all the same candidates on social media and job boards.  

For in-demand roles like software developers and biomedical engineers, there are simply too many recruiters and not enough candidates. Recruiters need a method to get in touch with candidates that other recruiters aren’t finding, and that’s where recruitment research comes in. Their research team puts you in touch with underrepresented candidates that truly fit your unique talent needs. 

Data is Worthless if You Can’t Use it! 

Data is great, but if you have information on candidates that don’t fit your needs, it’s useless. Qualigence is one of the only recruitment research firms that allows you to customize the service to get information that adds value to your process. 

Why bother getting information on candidates that are too far away, don’t have the right experience, or don’t fit your diversity requirements? The Qualigence team delivers functional data that’s hyper-relevant to your search. 

Using Research for Competitive Intelligence and Thwarting a Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit 

Customers also rely on Qualigence’s research service to better understand their competition. The organization has completed diversity studies for businesses looking to get a better idea of how diverse the industry is at large. 

In one instance, Qualigence’s research team proved instrumental in helping a business thwart a multi-million-dollar lawsuit. With the data from this service, the client was able to prove that their diversity standards were on par with the rest of the industry, and as a result avoided catastrophic damages. 

Zero in on the Right Talent for Your Roles 

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