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Knowing the problem is half the battle

Recruiting is one of the most pressing challenges facing the healthcare insurance sector. Record unemployment, the skills gap, and demographic shifts have made it harder than ever to hire the talent healthcare companies need. Without the right talent, providers struggle to deliver quality care, while every understaffed healthcare organization suffers from lost profits.

A Specialization in the Healthcare Industry

We have a specialized team of recruiters dedicated to landing the best healthcare talent. With years of experience, we know the field inside and out, allowing us to effectively engage with the most in-demand professionals.

Evidence-Based Interviewing Strategies

There’s no room for error when it comes to recruiting healthcare insurance professionals. We ask insightful, structured questions to get a deep look at whether someone is truly a good fit or just playing the part.

Over 70% Higher Response Rates

Qualified healthcare professionals have abundant job opportunities, making them likely to ignore recruiters. Our personalized, results-based approach cuts through the noise to land top candidates.

The Problem:

“We can’t find any quality candidates…there’s just not enough health professionals with the right background in our area.”

The Solution:

Leverage the largest recruiting research team in the U.S.

Access the entire talent pool.

The Problem:

“We can’t afford another bad hire – we need recruiters to submit quality candidates that fit our unique needs.”

The Solution:

Our no commissions business model emphasizes quality over quantity.

We’re dedicated to finding the right candidate

The Problem:

“We hired an all-star with all the right skills…but they’re not hitting their quotas.”

The Solution:

We use people analytics to drive performance.

It’s about using science to build better teams

Qualigence is proud to partner-up with Fortune 500 global enterprises.

Healthcare Recruiting Experts

Steve Lowisz, Healthcare Recruiting

Steve has experience filling a variety of roles for major healthcare organizations. Having placed candidates in every role from business analysts to project managers, Steve provides expert leadership for our healthcare recruiting practice.