Under an extremely tight deadline Qualigence provided the client a group of qualified individuals to foster discussion with at the pharmaceutical conference

A large pharmaceutical organization was preparing to attend an esteemed pharmaceutical conference at which they would be interacting with colleagues and potential candidates.

The client enlisted the help of Qualigence International to expediently uncover top talent the client could connect with at the conference as well as produce a substantial pipeline of global top talent that the client could utilize for future staffing needs.


The client was interested specifically in uncovering leaders of Global Market Access within the pharmaceutical industry. Global Market Access involves different functional areas such as regulatory affairs, health economy, public affairs, and key account management. Qualigence quickly began to map out prospective Global Market Access candidates for this project whom the client could associate with at the conference.

Qualigence uncovered data pertaining to specifications such as talent level, education level in the area, graduation rates, competing salary intel, and availability. Areas with a low education level, for instance, were identified and then omitted from the final list of options for the client.

While predominantly interested in Global Market access, the client was also interested in the mapping of everyone in surrounding areas within the industry. Qualigence gained exclusive competitive intelligence to uncover names, positions and reporting structure at the largest pharmaceutical companies internationally. Qualigence Sourcing Consultants uncovered intel from pharmaceutical organizations from the top down, based on the prioritization of competitors from the client.


Qualigence successfully worked within an extremely tight deadline to provide the client a group of qualified individuals to foster discussion with at the pharmaceutical conference. Once the conference was completed, Qualigence continued to Research and Recruit for the organization, engaging in professional relationships with candidates from the pipeline and focusing on positions specified by the client.

As Global Market Access was a relatively new field at the time of the project, the Qualigence team worked to thoroughly educate themselves on its workings in order to effectively uncover top talent within the field. The team also did extensive research on the client to fully understand their needs, capabilities and industry.

The client was very satisfied with the amount of candidates and warm leads provided to them under strict parameters. They were provided with competitive intelligence as well as a robust pipeline for future staffing needs. Qualigence continues business with the client, working diligently to keep the client satisfied and provide them with exclusive Research and Recruitment.