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Performance Solutions

Leverage data to unlock your team’s best performance. Understand what drives your team and how to craft an effective people strategy. Learn More

Why Leadership Training Sucks

Qualigence Leadership Institute

Leadership roles rarely come with a “how-to” manual. Learn tried-and-tested leadership lessons, and make a greater impact. Learn More

Recruit the Right People

Recruit the right people for the right roles for the right reasons. Land top talent to execute on your company’s goals. Learn More

Your Business Challenges Stem from People Problems

Joan Morehead, CHRO at Edward Rose & Sons on Why Business Challenges Stem From People Challenges

You get 4 times as much revenue from someone with a positive employee experience! Learn how you can leverage data-driven tools to engage and retain high-performing teams.


As an HR leader, you have the ability to serve as a trusted advisor by developing that people strategy. Use analytics to create a plan for hiring and inspiring the team members you need to crush your organization’s goals.

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