Are you tired of the traditional recruitment agency model with its hefty fees and lackluster results? Welcome to Qualigence International, where we started the recruitment revolution to break the mold and challenge the norms of conventional recruiting. 

Why We’re Different 

At Qualigence International, we take a unique approach. Unlike typical recruitment agencies, we don’t work on commissions. Our focus is on people analytics and building relationships rather than mere transactions. We believe there’s no “one-size-fits-all” in recruitment – our strategy is tailored to meet your unique needs. 

Our Journey: From Frustration to Innovation 

Two decades ago, our CEO, Steve Lowisz, faced a common problem: ineffective recruitment agencies. Dissatisfied with the candidates and the high costs, Steve decided to take a different path. His hands-on approach, centered around understanding candidates and building relationships, was far more effective. This experience was the seed that grew into Qualigence International. 

The Problem with Traditional Recruiting 

The issue Steve encountered isn’t unique. Many recruiters focus on earning commissions, often prioritizing quantity over quality. This system tends to overlook the long-term success of hires, focusing instead on short-term placements. We at Qualigence believe that recruitment should be about adding real value to your organization, not just filling seats.   

A New Path in Recruitment 

We understand the challenges in finding quality candidates, which is why we’re at the forefront of the recruitment revolution. Our services are billed hourly, a model that constantly drives us to find the ideal match for your organization. More than just sourcing candidates, we deliver a comprehensive package of market intelligence with every recruitment process. We don’t simply present candidates; we provide a treasure trove of market insights, positioning you to make well-informed hiring decisions and maintain a competitive edge in your industry. This depth of service, combining recruitment expertise with valuable market knowledge, underlines our commitment to re-earning our clients’ trust daily, a commitment that truly differentiates us from traditional commission-based agencies.

Beyond Commissions: Our Core Difference 

Our commitment to innovation doesn’t stop at our payment model. We employ people analytics to understand the unique dynamics of your team. By understanding what drives your employees, we can help you create a high-performing, long-lasting team. 

Not Your Average Agency – We Are the Anti-Agency

For too long, traditional agencies have dominated the recruitment landscape. It’s time for a change, not just a change, it’s time for a recruitment revolution. Qualigence International is here to offer a better, more effective solution. Say goodbye to exorbitant agency fees and hello to a partnership that truly understands and fulfills your recruitment needs.  What exactly is Anti-Agency? Great question…It means we stand against the outdated recruiting process, the overpriced alternatives, and the stale headhunter mentality. Our process is more efficient which creates more value for our clients.

Join the Recruitment Revolution 

If you’re ready to experience a different kind of recruiting, one that’s aligned with your organization’s long-term success, it’s time to consider Qualigence International. Let’s reshape the future of recruitment together. Interested in learning more, complete our “Get Started” form by clicking HERE. Our team of experts will promptly reach out to you.