40% off — Hourly Model on Research, Sourcing and Recruiting

High-Volume Recruiting — $40 an hour


Recruiting, Sourcing and Research

Our hourly services allow you to pay for exactly what you need, when you need it. Get the benefits of our world-class services without any upfront fees or expenses. Stop or start services any time you like. 

Hourly services are perfect for: 

Getting extra help during busy season 

Assisting your recruiting team when you have more open reqs than usual 

Supporting your recruiting team with superior sourcing and research services

high-volume recruiting

Recruiting, Sourcing and Research

Tackle high-volume recruiting projects with QualigenceWe offer all the following high-volume recruiting services for just $40/hour: 

Screening submitted resumes and vetting candidates 

Rapidly identifying qualified candidates in your ATS 

Sourcing and engaging with candidates to get the hires you need 

Our high-volume recruiting solutions are completely customized to meet your needs. This platform is perfect for non-exempt and entry level positions when hiring needs spike. 

Best of all, there’s no start-up fees, commissions, or lengthy contracts! 


Get names, contact info, and bios for 100% of the talent pool 


Streamline your recruiting with a shortlist of qualified, interested candidates 


Recruit the people you need to grow your business and crush your goals 


Take full advantage of your ATS and CRM systems and candidate pool

Save Money by Recruiting On-Demand

How to fill in the gap in a very cost effective way

As-a-service is a perfect way to augment your team with proven recruiting professionals. You get exclusive access to members of our team who will be committed to working on your projects full time. 

As-a-service is perfect for: 

High-volume recruiting projects
Building a new division 
Expanding your business 


No Commissions Means Better Hires 

Recruiting commissions create a conflict of interest between quality hires and financial gain. Our business model allows our recruiters to focus on making the right hires for the right reasons – not rushing the process to cash a check. 


The traditional recruiting model is broken. Download our eBook to learn more about why the hourly model offers greater value while slashing costs. 

Although it may not seem like a big difference, this changes the whole equation. We have to re-earn your business on a daily basis — if you’re not satisfied with the results, you can stop at any time.