Targeted and identified individuals performing specific job duties in designated sectors, providing multiple hires for the client with a 2% average cost per hire.

A globally recognized beverage company was in need of competitive market intelligence in order to gain an understanding of the effective talent acquisition strategies for Sales & Marketing roles within the industry.

Their internal Recruiting team of eight individuals did not have the time or resources to take a deep dive into market mapping and turned to the Qualigence International Senior Research Consulting Team to utilize their expertise.

Qualigence International was tasked with utilizing its unique research methodologies to complete market intelligence that would reveal the following exclusive pieces of intel within competing organizations for the client:

·Organizational Mapping – Head of Sales & Marketing to Individual Contributor ·Competitor Size, Structure, Levels & Functions

The client then tasked Qualigence International Senior Research Consultants to develop, identify and report on key market trends from within the findings, including what the competing company structures suggest about current industry trends for retaining talent.


Together with the client, Qualigence International’s Senior Sales & Marketing Research Team developed a specific target list in order to locate and identify talent within designated competitive sectors. The Senior Research team then utilized unique research methodologies to uncover the detailed mapping intelligence requested by the client.

The Qualigence team really interacts with the data and paints a picture to give you an idea of what it tells you, not just collecting the data but interpreting it…it allows me to present to our directors some really good market intelligence a person normally wouldn’t find. – Talent Acquisition Manager, Global Beverage Company


As a direct result of consistent communication and feedback, Qualigence International successfully targeted and identified individuals performing specific job duties in designated sectors, providing a comprehensive list from which the client could recruit as well as identifying market trends within the data.

Daily updates, working within the budget parameters, process monitoring, promptness, and thorough presentation allowed Qualigence International to successfully provide the client with exclusive market data data for strategic field insights.

The information we gained from Qualigence was not just for service delivery, but to understand the people we compete with for talent. – Talent Acquisition Manager, Global Beverage Company


The client successfully utilized the market intelligence provided by Qualigence International in order to identify top performing talent in the industry as well as gain exclusive knowledge of talent acquisition tactics utilized by competitors.

Over the next several months, the client will recruit talent from the exclusive information provided. The client will share the information with their internal recruiting team and target talent by company and level.

As part of a longstanding relationship with Qualigence International, which has spanned national and global sectors for the client, several projects are underway for the client’s Head of Talent Management.

The competitive data helps build a business case for our recruiting …if they have six reports and we have 20, yet they do the job better than us, what does that suggest? If we bring someone here, will they be comfortable? The answers the data provides helps us find good people and gives us a good idea of the structures and layers and who we can go target. – Talent Acquisition Manager, Global Beverage Company