Three hires were made with the cost per hire at approximately 2.5% CPH.

Rockwell Automation, a global provider of industrial automation and information solutions, was seeing extensive growth in its Cleveland sector, resulting in an immediate need to identify and hire qualified talent. The organization specifically needed to locate qualified engineering professionals with experience in control and visualization, interfacing technology, and touch screen display.

Looking to develop a pipeline of targeted talent within these sectors and recruit and place identified talent, the organization turned to Qualigence International to facilitate a Private Reception as well as provide exclusive research of qualified candidates within designated competitive markets in the Cleveland area.


The client had specific requirements for the type of qualified engineering professionals that would be best suited for open positions. In addition to location within the Cleveland market, the organization was looking for senior-level engineers within the following:

· Embedded Software · Project Management · Testing · Hardware · User Experience

The organization was interested in identifying passive talent within competitive markets in the Cleveland area and recruiting from this qualified candidate pool.

Qualigence International was tasked with organizing and planning a Private Reception in which qualified engineering candidates within the Cleveland market would have an on-site conversation with talent acquisition leaders within the client organization as well as view demonstrations of work within the manufacturing and laboratory facility.

The charge of identifying qualified candidates within the market to attend the reception was within strict budget and timeline parameters. The client was also predominantlyinterested in currently employed passive candidates or candidates experiencing changes due to restructuring at competitor organizations who would align with detailed experience specifications.


The client successfully held a Private Reception on site at the manufacturing and laboratory facility with approximately 20 qualified attendees identified by Qualigence International. The reception resulted in successful conversation and analysis and allowed the client to have a clear snapshot of each candidate in addition to their resume and profile information and move the recruiting process forward with interested candidates.

Three hires were made as a direct result of the Research, Recruiting, and Private Reception facilitated by Qualigence International. With the client’s final budget and overall spend, the hires were made at approximately 2.5% CPH.


Qualigence international got to work identifying 100% of the engineering talent population in the designated Cleveland markets. Experienced Research Consultants successfully identified passive talent within the area, including identification of individuals experiencing layoffs at a local competitor.

Qualigence worked closely with the client to identify the exact targets to identify candidates, including the Big Three, as well as manufacturing and engineering organizations within the area. The Research consultants successfully broke out the reporting structure within competitive markets to provide the client with exclusive competitor intelligence.

This data was utilized by the Recruiting team to engage with candidates and facilitate a Private Reception of interested and qualified talent within this pool. A unique challenge within the industry was connecting with individuals working in a laboratory and testing environment within the engineering sector.

These individuals work in an environment without a desk phone; the Recruiting team utilized non-traditional recruiting methodologies such as email and LinkedIn messaging to successfully communicate and engage with the candidates.

The Recruiting team saw a 3:1 response ratio when utilizing these digital avenues to reach the candidates.

The Recruiting team then pre-assessed the qualified candidate pool and together Qualigence and the client identified talent to attend the Private Reception. Qualigence International created invitations and filtered the responses from the qualified candidate pool to successfully move the event forward.


The client was very satisfied with the quality of candidates, cost per hire, and overall experience with Qualigence International and the Private Reception and plans to continue a professional relationship with Qualigence International.

As a direct result of its success, several organizations have expressed interest in hosting a similar reception for a qualified candidate pool. Qualigence International is currently working to facilitate a Private Reception for one of the largest international electronic commerce companies in the world.