Meet the Q-Crew

Our entire teams works for a single purpose: helping you recruit the right people and unlock their best performance.
Scott Wilson

Scott Wilson

Managing Director, Exec Search

Because your senior talent search deserves the best.

734.432-6300 Ext 249


Jennifer Reisig

Jennifer Reisig

Marketing Director

Jen helps us connect with new customers and new markets.

(877) 817-6861 Ext 213


Melissa McLean

Melissa McLean

Delivery Director

The person you’re looking for when you need to get stuff done.

(734) 772-9136


Kaitlynn Thayer

Kaitlynn Thayer

Sales Director

Every team needs a Kaitlynn, the one that always goes the extra mile

(734) 821-7113

Bill Brewington

Bill Brewington

Customer Success Senior Strategic Manager

Bill is solving problems for customers day-in, day-out.

(734) 521-2153


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