Finding qualified talent for the e-commerce, transportation and packaging sectors doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. 

With extensive experience in these industries, the Qualigence team has what it takes to successfully complete your next project. 

We Partner With the Following e-Commerce Clients 

e-Commerce Recruiting Experts

To make great hires in packaging, e-commerce or transportation, you need recruiters who understand the nuances of the industry and your specific needs. We bring a wealth of expertise to the table to ensure you hire the right people for the right roles. 

A Partnership Beyond the Placement

You don’t just need to fill positions. You need hires that are going to stick around and excel long-term. We partner with your team to ensure your hires are delivering real business results for the long haul. 

Ditch the Outrageous Recruiting Fees 

Our hourly, non-commissioned recruiting model means you pay for our time and expertise. Our clients pay an average of 13% CPH with a cap of 19% of base salary on every search. 

e-Commerce Talent Solutions Team

Brittany works with a wide variety of e-commerce clients to help them crush their talent goals.

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Brittany Kroesing

Brittany Kroesing

e-Commerce Recruiting Specialist