Work With a Dedicated Dental Recruitment Team

You need a talent partner that understands the nuances of recruiting in the field of dentistry. We have a dedicated dental recruitment team including recruitment researchers, sourcers, and recruiters. That means you benefit from our expertise and background in the field of dentistry through every stage in the recruiting process.

Roles We Recruit For: 

  • General Practice Dentists

  • Pediatric Dentists

  • Endodontists

  • Periodontists

  • Oral Surgeons

We do not recruit for hygienists and other office staff.

Helping DSO’s Scale With Dental Recruitment

Whether you’re a large publicly-held DSO, a private equity-backed DSO or another regional dentistry group, we’re here to help you scale. We can recruit dental providers in all 50 states, allowing you to hire employees, contractors, and even identify practices that could be looking to sell!

Regardless of your talent needs, we can help form a recruiting strategy to meet your business goals.

What Sets Us Apart

  • A unique hourly model that focuses on quality hires at fair rates
  • A dedicated dental recruitment team – work with recruiters that know your industry and your needs
  • Access to dental provider candidates through our proprietary database and dedicated research team
  • A focus on providers over hygienists and other office staff
  • Nationwide coverage – we can help you find talent in all 50 states
  • Experience working with DSO’s and large regional groups

Our Database Has More Than 225,000 Dentists by Specialty!

We’ve helped the following companies meet their business goals:

Dental Recruitment Practice Leader

Steve has a knack for creating dental recruitment strategies that help meet clients’ business goals. As our CEO & founder, there is no one better suited to help you scale your organization!

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