WHITEPAPER: Why the Traditional Executive Search Model is Broken

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May 15, 2014
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May 21, 2014

The discussion surrounding Executive Search has shifted dramatically.

Once regarded as the best possible option for recruiting executive leadership roles, the industry has become muddled as concerns surrounding cost per hire, return on investment, and general practicality reach the surface.

These issues all encompass a common theme: Executive Search is finding it necessary to adjust rapidly to technological and social changes, economic changes, and client expectation shifts in order to survive.

Professionals within Executive Search are seeing a need to be in more hybrid roles – as the term “headhunter” fades away, what takes its place is more innovative search roles that allow the search consultant to wear many hats in order to find and place the best possible talent for the job.

Before fully comprehending the issues with Executive Search, we must first understand what it is, its history, and why there is a sudden need for a significant overhaul in its practice.

In this Whitepaper, we’ll explore the issues with Executive Search, how these issues came to be, and potential solutions for search consultants and their organizations. We’ll bring to light why Executive Search is broken, and how we can mend it using a thorough understanding of a shifting marketplace.

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